Pamela Myers (@pjmyers_24)

In printing stage now! Taking more orders at #KeepsakesPlus . Back side of shirt print - $$$ Out Of Politics & Public Funding
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Dana Bowers (@dananoir33)

In the wake of new developments in the Russia Investigation and Election Inference Scandal, organizers of ImPEACH March 2.0 want to remind Georgia that it's time to #KickRussiaOutOfTheBallotBox!

We all love the creativity and hilarity that go into original #ProtestArt and that's exactly why we want to encourage you to spice up your signs and banners with a theme! Georgia is 1 of 21 States that have been confirmed targets of Russian interference and election tampering. This week our Secretary of State Brian Kemp refused federal assistance AGAIN to help secure our elections and voter information. The majority of Georgia legislators still believe our archaic voting machines with no paper trail are safe and acceptable for continued use in our upcoming elections. Help us showcase Georgia's need for election security, #PaperBallots, and government transparency when you make your sign for Monday's event! 🌟🌟Mark yourself as GOING on our EVENT PAGE: *Voter Registration will be conducted during our event. Please do not include candidate names or logos in your creations. ImPEACHing Trump is nonpartisan, just like voter registration!
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Educated Voter NY (@educatedvoterny)

“Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf on Friday ordered counties that plan to replace their electronic voting systems to buy machines that leave a paper trail — a safeguard against hacking...” #PA #Pennsylvania #votingmachines #paperballots #Decision2018

Jane Fulton Alt (@janefultonalt)

Anyone else feel like they are tied up in knots? I can’t seem to divorce myself from the news. If We, The People, don’t share our outrage, corruption will continue unabated. From a NYT article, “Under the Trump administration, the payday lending industry has gone from villain to victor.After intense lobbying , Indiana Republicans voted to allow them to charge interest rates three times higher than what current Indiana criminal law defines as felony loansharking:” Everyday we watch as they steal and ravage. Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments are open for drilling and mining. These are public lands that #veterans fought to create and Trump is scaling down by up to 85%.Please, call your congressmen everyday. To be silent is the be complicit. Let that soak in.....
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I mean, should we start minting a new currency and call it a fucking day?? HELL NO. First thing, Trump will fire Rosenstein based on Devin "I'm innocent" Nunes' memo. We must take to the streets when this happens, because it will definitely impact the Mueller investigations. With Trump's awful but predictable decision to ignore the veto-proof sanctions law THAT HE SIGNED, it's clear that his interest is in protecting Russia instead of America. Quid pro quo. Second thing, are there rallies planned to demand paper ballots for the next elections? The CIA director just said Russia will go after the midterms. What is our defense? Hand-counted paper ballots. Easy! #protectdemocracy #paperballots #fuckyoupaulryan #aspoonfullofsugar