Michael E Pearson (@tfw_philly)

The gears that run the soul within

Brian Cheng 📷 (@bcheng274)

Fun fact: I say “aw fuck” to myself at least 50 times a day

Philadelphia (@stef.c.photo)

I think it’s easy to get down on your own work (at least for me it is, what about you?), so it’s important to go back and look at the images you have created that you’re proud of. This is one of those images for me. I shot it walking around my first time in the @kimmelcenter. I like it because it incorporates geometric/abstract elements with real life. It makes me think of family, and how lucky I am to have the family I have. Most of all, I like how it’s lined up perfectly though 😏. Thanks for reading ✌🏻// @peopledelphia #peopledelphia


sending love to old city following sunday’s devastation.