cookie dough nicecream makes everything better 🧡

Nutrition | PT | Pilates (@nutrition.with.liz)

Yes! Sometimes, we can lose it over little things and take it out on who is close. I may be able to relate...(stupid migraine 👊).
It is important to remember to always love your people from your heart not your mood or need ❤️. No ones perfect but we can try be better always 💫.
Happy Friday 😊.
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Meagan Swari (@plantsandwich505)

Today for lunch I had a giant bowl of "oh hell no I am not getting sick again" super spicy vegan ramen from O Ramen! Fingers crossed it worked. I don't have time to be sick! .
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NOKA Organics (@nokaorganics)

Because we don’t add refined sugars to NOKA smoothie packs, our blends only have the naturally occurring sugar found in fruits and vegetables. A single NOKA contains between 14-17 grams of natural sugar, whereas an apple contains 19 grams and a banana contains 17 grams. So, you can always feel good about enjoying a NOKA! 🙌 #eatNOKA.
📷: @purelyolive

Revolution Community (@revolutioncommunity313)

Our mission is to create a culture of world changers that will grow food, develop solutions & implement consistent change. #revolutioncommunity313 #bethechange #revolutionforever #wakandaforever #plantingparadise #plantpower

ecodistributions (@ecodistributions)

Could this ACAI BOWL look any more beautiful ❤️❤️ you must check out @sundayscafe_ in Rocklea another gorgeous little gem by @venzingroup They use @sambazonau_acai the WORLDS only certified fair trade & organic Acai 💕🙌✨ They want to support the farmers in the Amazon & make sure they are treated well & paid fairly 🙏🙏 Thanks for the beautiful 📸 @makayla.bradshaw 💓

Brenda Alvarez * Vegan (@vrendaintegral)

Cuando entrenes, recuerda siempre estirar ANTES y DESPUÉS 🙌🏻 Es muy importante ‼️ para evitar lesiones y relajar los músculos 💪🏻 #vrendaintegral


omg i just love the hot bar at whole foods 😩👅💦🙏🏼💯👌🏽

🌱 Rosie Montoya (@rosiesrawliving)

Such a delightful, creamy and super tasty nutritious smoothie bowl! It was quick to make and ever so joyous to eat!

Adriana’s Eats (@gourmeadriana)

Celery root and parsnip mash with black rice and harissa white beans. Cooking with seasonal vegetables as the base of the meal is a true mind shift for me. One that is challenging yet rewarding! #seasonaleating #plantpower #healthyfood

Kylie Gruninger (@kylie_gruninger)

I haven’t seen the sun in a few days☁️🌧️🌤️ but this #fresh veg bowl & all its accessories, are keeping my spirits bright 🌈
Sprouted brown rice loaded w/ shiitake & oyster #mushrooms, carrots, & green cabbage
Purple daikon 💜
Cilantro 🌿
Spiced Avo 🥑
Toasted cashews + a light drizzle of sesame oil
+ an herbal infusion w/ too many herbs to list 🍵 but extremely nutritive 💚
#organic #plantbased

If you haven’t eaten any fresh plants today here is your reminder 🤙🏼🌈🌈🌈💕

Jared (@tofuandbiceps)

I guess there are benefits to being below weight before a competition. It’s better to eat whatever you want and keep bulking rather than cutting in the last 2 weeks 😁 #veganfood #veganfoodshare

Ooooby Sydney (@oooobysyd)

Do your part 💪