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There’s always going to be an uphill battle🧗‍♀️

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d y l a n (@dilli.willi)

I wanna get back on my own/signature grind. I keep finding myself over and over again getting pulled in multiple directions by different people and some of which my parents, (dare I say). I’m never going to be “perfect” or “normal” looking and I’m never going to change for everyone. I am dylan and lately I’ve been trying to practice being the real me all the time no matter who I’m around or who I meet. I will never be what anyone else wants me to be. I sometimes find myself changing my “look” or changing my personality/myself depending which group of my friends I’m with to “fit in better”, knowing that’s completely unnecessary. The only “look” I should be 24/7 is myself. This is all a part of my self love journey and even though I’ve yet to overcome this part of self love, I can say I do love myself in many many other ways that I haven’t before. Thank you for listening I love you and remember always be you 🖤

d y l a n (@dilli.willi)

Love you munchkin 🖤 I’m gonna miss you for a month but atleast I’ll be home for your 20th birthday

d y l a n (@dilli.willi)

Shorty lookin like she needs some rest, so in the grave she goes

Megan Bernhardt Photography (@meganbernhardtphotography)

I just love this little family down in Austin! So glad to have reunited with an old friend during this photo shoot and meet her partner and their sweet baby girl. ❤️