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It was just a coincidence that I changed my sheets yesterday prior to our last post on why we need to wash or clean our bedsheets.

Talking about changing your bedsheets; I try to stick to the once a week routine but honestly sometimes it goes more than one week unknowingly.
Sometimes I just change the sheets to do a quick makeover of the room especially when hubby travels and is being expected back.
Let us know in the comment section how often you change yours? Do you follow any routine?
What other functions do your bedsheets help you achieve?
Please feel free, this is a no judgement zone.

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Cleaning Bedsheets

Bedsheets can rack up sweats, body oils, saliva,dirts,sexual fluids, etc.
Athletes foot and other fungi can be transferred from fabrics.
We shed dead skin cells every night and they can attract dust mites which can affect breathing for people with asthma.
Experts say if you have a wound and sleep on dirty sheets, you definitely get an infection.

Here is the recommendation: Wash your bedsheets once a week at a minimum of 60•C to destroy bacteria, dry under sunlight and run hot iron to kill the remaining bacteria.
The danger is if you don't wash often, you allow the dirts seep into the pillows and mattresses which is more work to clean.

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