Pure Michigan (@puremichigan)

Think Hawaii's volcanoes are extreme? In #PureMichigan, ours are made of ice! Ice volcanoes form along the shores of Michigan's Great Lakes when the conditions are just right. When the waves are strong in an area with good ice shelves, waves force water up through openings in the shelves causing what look like eruptions. As the water falls back onto the ice, it quickly freezes and begins to form the ice cone. 🗻 📸: Todd Maertz Photography in @visitgrandhaven #PureMichiganWinter #VisitGrandHaven

Freedom Boat Club (@fbclakestclair)

COME GET OUR BOAT SHOW SPECIALS! Today until 8pm, Sun-Mon: 11am-6pm, and Tues-Friday: 3pm-9pm! #DetroitBoatShow

Mike Schena (@daily_jag)

Found a little snow but it’s been a warm winter! #puremichigan #polarisnation #brimleymichigan #frostbite

Christine VanTimmeren (@makingmittenmemories)

Pictures of the ice on Lake Michigan coming soon! Such an adventure climbing over ice... Definitely fell on my a**!! .
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ROAM LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY (@katinthemitten)

I finished up my first BIG job as a photographer this past week. Nena convinced me to shoot her senior pictures last spring and we've been working on them for about a year now. Some of these shot in #puremichigan and some shot in the #smokeymountains
Super excited and proud of this adventurous senior session. Head over to @roamlifephotos to see more.

lauren (@madeformi)

Back from vacation! I am so grateful I am able to get away from the snow for a few days. But, I’m back in snowy Michigan now so my Etsy page is up and running again, if you’re interested 🤗

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MittenCrate // 1837 (@mittencrate)

COMING SOON 🌶️ 📦 🔥 We are gearing up to release a hot sauce lovers gift box. Check out some of our favorites, tagged here, and look out for our new hot sauce tasting video coinciding with the launch of the new box. Tag a hot sauce nerd in your life!

Roam Life Photography (@roamlifephotos)

I finished up my first senior session this past week.. Not only my first senior session, but my first major job that I took on as a photographer.
I honestly, don't even know if I had the thought of starting this business yet but my sister begged me to do her senior pictures & I thought I'd give it a whirl. We came up with a plan to make this entire session as adventorous as we could and I'd say we reached that goal.
We planned these out last spring & have been working on them for the past year. We even convinced my whole family to take a vacation to the smokey mountains for some of these. I had a beautiful subject & I'm forever grateful she not only trusted me but believed in my abilities as a photographer to take these.
Super excited to share Nena's senior session
Class of 2018

Black Owl Cafe (@blackowlcafe)

Potato Cakes Bennie $10
Two poached eggs set perfectly atop of our house made potato cakes made with fresh garlic, peppers & onions. Topped with a wonderful garlic & green onion hollandaise. Served with fried red skin potatoes.
Black Owl Brunch is served Thursday-Sunday 9am-1:30pm.

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