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Ian Kelly (@iankellysmusic)

Superfolk Remixes >>> <<< Mon nouveau EP SuperFolk Remixes est disponible dès maintenant!!! Ce party a lieu grâce à mon frère Naej. Plusieurs de ses amis producteurs ont remixé quelques pièces de SuperFolk et voici le résultat. SuperFolk Remixes est disponible sur iTunes aujourd'hui et en magasin demain. --
SuperFolk Remixes EP out today!!! This party is hosted by my brother Naej. Some of his producer friends brought a fresh hindsight to this musical potluck, remixing some songs from SuperFolk. SuperFolk Remixes is now available on iTunes and will be in stores starting tomorrow.

VOLT lINK (@voltlinkstagram)

Check out my #maroon5 #cold #trap #remix on my #Soundcloud. Search for #voltlink or find my Soundcloud link in my Bio. 🙂 #VOLTlINKMEDIA #music #listening #voltlinkremix if you listen to it and you think it sounds incomplete, it's because it isn't finished yet. The reason I uploaded it now is because I like to listen to my tracks as I travel to and from work so I can think of how I can improve them later. Yuh lol

J McDowell (@designerj82)

First song I heard in the salon this morning. It's going to be a good day. #lanadelrey #remix