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New Dreadlords video, "Daughter of the Night" out on Cvlt Nation's website @cvltnation (filmed at @theconventphilly 🖤) presale for the "REAPERS" album is up on ITunes. #dreadlords #blackmetal #darkfolk #darkness #metal #occultrock #music #blues #doomfolk #daughterofthenight #cvltnation #reapers #urbanyetirecords #occult @dreadlords_tomb

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The most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. —Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
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Is it weird that I not only want a motorcycle, suddenly, but that I also want “Hunter’s” jacket? It’s really badass and I think it would look better on me, especially if I fluffed up my hair just right, with smoky eyeliner and deep dark red lips…I’d rock it 10 times better than him. Just saying. (dude on front of cover is "hunter")
The only good thing to come out of this–*waves hands around* book, was darling Em (who I ended up having the biggest crush on), and her amazing badassness, the world building, which was great, and that's it.
Would have been better if “Hunter” were not such a terrible excuse of a person And if he were female…if you could not tell by now, this review (if you can call it that), is quite biased. Anyways, here is the sum of my feelings:

Hunter=🤢🔪💀 (brutally murder please)

The Devil’s Jack=😒⁉️(so disorganized need to clean house)

The Reapers’=😳😰😱(BadAssMotherFuckers stay the hell away from and do not anger)

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I paid $10 for this little shit. He's adorable. #masseffectandromeda