One of America's top hairstylists, Shannon Keel, on why all hairstylists should be using and selling Monat!! Shannon is known as "The Hair Doo Chick"
She has over 25,000 followers on Instagram and travels the country educating groups of 20-30 hairdressers at a time. "Why Monat?
I wanted to share my answer to a friend who asked this yesterday.
Pure and simple , my hair felt amazing . I had to have it. Since then I don't want to use anything else on my hair or my clients.
I've been against network marketing companies for a while and was worried what people would think. But I had to go with my gut. I think this way of buying and retailing is our future. Although nervous I had to be a part of it. Honestly, I never believed I would make any $$. I was so wrong.
Think of this... If I do a video on how awesome A certain product is and you and 5 stylist go buy it ... who makes $$? The company

If I speak of Monat root lift and you and 5 people buy it.... who makes $$? The company , yes but also ME.
If I have a client that is in love and they join. They tell 3 people and they purchase. Who makes $$?
The company
And my client!

It's a win win!!! It's giving power back to the people! It makes sense.
Now that I'm on the other side of network marketing I can see the benefits not only for myself but others.
I didn't get in it for the money, but I can say it sure is a nice cherry on top.
I've made more money with Monat , not even trying than I've made in my whole career of retailing. I suck at it. I know I have a following and that is effected me differently . Still from what I've seen of others is phenomenal.

So I jumped in , I've had many stylist join me in my journey. It's been amazing. I truly believe we're going to see Monat be a front runner in this industry . I'm glad I'm a part of it in the early stages."

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