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@lexaoficial como você só nos dar orgulho cara!!!! Não existe mais palavras para definir a guerreira que você é, que venha música nova, novos estrondos pq nós sabemos o quanto você trabalha para deixar seus fãs e as pessoas que te ama felizes.
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"[TRIGGER WARNING: R*pe, Woody Allen, Sexual Abuse] Here is my statement on Selena’s decision to work with Woody Allen, and now we know she chose to do this after her mom, @kicked2thecurbproductions, advised her not to. 🌷 Selena, I am so, so, so deeply disappointed in you. It is noone’s decision nor responsiblity but Selena’s, both her family and team told her not to do the movie. SELENA wanted to do that. So that’s the first part. Selena, I admire you and I know you are a genuinely good person. If you weren’t, this account would have long been deactivated and I would not bother posting this. What I don’t understand is how you refuse to even give a statement on this decision. I mean, Selena, you must know Woody is a rapist. Point blank he is. Did you ever taken into account that the exact same people you claim to “fight against,” you worked for? You say that you’re a feminist and you say you fight against sexual abuse, yet lately I’m starting to doubt if you really mean it. No paycheck, no fame, no role is worth justifying the molestation of a child. I don’t understand how you can advocate for feminism, when you have worked, hugged, and kissed Hollywood’s most prominent abusers THIS YEAR! My heart goes out to the Selenators that have been affected by (or still are) or have known someone who has been affected by sexual abuse. The Selenators who have to watch their idol hug and treat the same people who hurt them with love and sympathy. I love you Selena, but this decision makes me so disappointed in you. YOU know better, but you choose to ignore it. You KNOW Woody is a rapist, but you don’t care. Maybe you didn’t ask for this platform, and I appreciate you being here for it. But sometimes it’s not enough to post the occasional instagram post or write a song. You need to show you care. You can’t speak out against Woody because of a contract, but you can say more a silly excuse. You can donate your salary from this movie. You can actively use your platform and position to make a difference. Don’t succumb to what everyone thinks you are, be the person Selenators know you are. *This is NOT hate, ofc I love Selena. But this needed to be said. Thank you." @selenagomez


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My drawings of @selenagomez in 2014 and 2018

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1/16/18 ; 6:07 pm
Eww I started school today and I was so bored😩
Qotd: when do you have your next break?
Aotd: I think February 22-25 which is great omgg
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