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Giving some blackoutpoetry another crack

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“Imagine this opportunity as an amazingly attractive but fast-moving river. There is so much that looks extremely appealing about this river, you’re going to be tempted to jump right in. But once you are in the river, you have diminished your ability to make decisions. That river is moving so fast that it will take you where it is going. And if you haven’t carefully traced out in advance whether you want to go through and to the places that river flows, you’ll be in trouble.” -
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ “Intentionality” was the word of 2017. It is a word that didn’t necessarily come natural to me but I knew it was time to embrace. So hesitantly this girl, the one who typically suffers from FOMO, the one has spent years addicted to new things, constant movement, and people pleasing, learned to be still. At the beginning of this process I had a really hard time knowing when it was best to say “yes” or “no” to opportunities. And in the midst of my indecision this quote I read a couple years back would reappear in my mind. It has been life changing for me. I’d close my eyes and imagine where the river of this decision would take me and double check if it was actually somewhere I wanted to go. So as the year closes out, I encourage you to evaluate those “rivers.” Make decisions today that will take you where you want to go tomorrow. ❤️

Ankii (@sugabebi)

Dein Glaube ist deine mentale Währung.
Genau so ist es, DEIN Glaube ist deine mentale Währung, DAS was du einbezahlst, um dein Ziel zu erreichen.
Und je stärker dein #Glaube ist, je stärker dein #Vertrauen ist, desto eher wirst du dein Ziel tatsächlich auch erreichen.
Denn dann lässt du keinen Zweifel daran, ob du dein #Ziel auch erreichen kannst.
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Studio 25 (@studio25cowork)

Hello, friends!! Studio 25 is excited to announce that we have officially launched our Kickstarter! If you choose to support us, and we hope you do, your money will help us furnish the studio, buy a keypad to give our creatives secure access to the building after hours, and more! You can really help our vision come to life ✨ And for our rewards we have postcards, posters, tote bags, early bird prices for classes and studio rental spaces--just to name a few 😊 You can check out our Kickstarter page by following the link in our bio, and feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

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S E L F • D I S C O V E R Y... Since newly finishing yoga teacher training, I've taught two classes so far and absolutely loved it. Learning so much! What draws me in most about yoga is not necessarily the physical poses themselves. I've realised early on in my yoga journey that the poses are a vehicle for Self discovery, awareness and inquiry. And what I've also realised really lights my fire is to hold space and share from experience to inspire this inquiry, realisation and deeper understanding of Self, both simultaneously for the receiving yogi and me (one and the same). This is also the case in women's circle.
Developing my own practice and abilities to teach/facilitate has only just begun, and is a continuous evolution throughout life. So is deeper Self knowing. And what a gift it is to have this shared experience of awakening and remembering.

Yoga for me, holds the container for beyond cool poses and getting upside down. (Although I love all of that too!).... Unity, tribe, connection, remembrance, inspiration, love, support, understanding, realisation, confusion, emotion, felt sense, letting go, resistance, fear, grounding, fire, flow, space, movement, play, discipline, fun, joy, freedom, bliss, creativity, wisdom, healing, falling down, getting up... embodying and witnessing the human experience and beyond... It's all here... disguised as a headstand, lunge, backbend, deep stretch, animal pose, making shapes, or the final surrender. And aside from all these things, it just FEELS so damn good!! Deep gratitude for this journey home ❤️😍🙏🤸‍♂️ Ps. I love ❤️ these yogis... Gratitude xx (this was back in Bali!)

🌛✨Dani✨🌜 (@graemoonmystic)

After exploring some of the issues that came up yesterday, the universe felt it the proper time to bring this to my attention. The very thing I was talking about are very much the same ideas that sparked these two guys into starting this journey. These ideas deal with stuff, yes, but it holds true for SOOOOO MUCH MORE! My main takeaway is this: Priorities need to be shifted. It is important to stay in the present and ask WHY you are consuming/want to consume something. #minimalism #minimalist #discovery #selfdiscovery #workingonit #declutter #declutterthemind #consumerism #selfcare #stayingpresent

Sonya Kleshik (@sonyakleshik)

As of this September, I am a trained SoulCollage®️ facilitator. This is a beautiful creative process through which we intuitively identify and give voice to different aspects of ourselves. I've been amazed at the discoveries both in myself and others through this process.
I'm hosting 2 workshops in my art studio Dec 17 and Jan 1, New Year's Day, both 2-4:30pm. $35/workshop. Link in bio for more info. DM me if interested.

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L+C (@actsofritual)

Our online store is open with new goodies, just in time for the holidays! I could light all the ritual candles in celebration but, alas, they are for the Ritual Boxes! #ritual #fullmoon #newmoon #altar #smallbusiness #transformation #selfcare #selfdiscovery #lightandlove

Erin Little (@authenticallyerin)

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Tony Robbins
This months Women On Top is dedicated to setting New Intentions for the new year along with setting up a plan to stick with your new goals.
Start by asking yourself...
What do you WANT?
What is your deepest DESIRE?
How do I want to FEEL?
What is my PURPOSE?
What sets my SOUL on fire?
Women On Top is a monthly lifestyle mastermind group and it’s about discovering who you are and getting what you want out of life.

Are you ready to stop living the same year over and over? If you are saying YES please message Erin @authenticallyerin and reserve your spot.
Join me and other women around the kitchen table @pinkumbrellarc on Monday, December 18 at 7pm. There will be wine and delicious appetizers. Space is limited to 8 so don’t wait.
Message me for details.
PS It’s also a New Moon. This is a New Moon for ACHIEVEMENT, RECOGNITION, and SATISFACTION. Build a strong foundation for the future and make life more stable and secure for you and your family.
Are you ready to be ON TOP?

Cody Nicole (@codynicolebenson)

2017 has been such a massive year of self discovery and acceptance. Not only have I learnt to accept who I am, but ive also learnt to discard the opinions of those who do not care for me. This year has taught me a lot, and while for the most part it's been tough, it's bringing out a much better side of myself.

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Five Day Discipline (@fivedaydiscipline)

It's day 1 for this week's #fivedaydiscipline of baking and I'm trying out a cookie I hadn't heard of until this morning. Ignore the picture of the "lemon tassies" I'm not sure why this cookbook is trying to sabotage my picture but I'm making the Alfajores de Dulche de Leche. Also ignore the pink sticky notes those are my wife's, I assure you I have never opened this book and that I am firmly in over my head.

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Studio 21:05

RAM Studio has been my home for the past 13 years.
2018.. Leaving home to push myself and what I can do in music. #Studio2105
Taking @eyesandears_bki to the big city.. #musicproduction #studio #selfdiscovery #growth

Warren Inspire Ryan (@warreninspireryan)

You really are going to make this happen. Your why is bigger than any obstacle that comes your way!

Brave Self Love (@braveselflove)

Some days I go back to my old paintings and dive into the depths of where my heart was the day I painted them. There is always so much to explore and discover about me. And each time I go back, the more Iearn about my own layers. The return is always a magestic process.

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David Holzmer, PhD (@davidholzmer)

Hey Gang,
I had a seriously fun time last week talking to Jon Senior from The Funky Thinkers Podcast.

I was thrilled to hear that, according to him, my ideas about organizations and disrupting management-as-usual totally qualify me as a "funky thinker!" What an honor!! Check it out and let me know what you think.

Link is in my bio!
Cheers, ~d
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Em Stephenson Coach (@to_well_being_and_beyond)

"Stress is an inevitable part of our lives these days... but as soon as the severity and duration of it go past our individual level of coping, problems can start to occur." -
Read about the 5 steps that I PERSONALLY USE to stop stress in it's tracks in my latest article: '5 Steps to Stop Stress in It'sTracks'

Find the link in the comments below, and keep yourself healthy and happy this winter 💜

Em xox

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Paula Sarmiento (@laobradeartesoyyo)

This is the story of my life! Self discovery and then sharing! That’s it! That’s what life it’s all about! Recognize yourself, the artist and his art are inseparable! Your life is the Masterpiece! So You are the Artwork! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻# #laobradeartesoyyo #iamtheartwork #neon #paulasarmiento #neonsigns #neonart #lightmessages #light #artbasel2017 #artbasel #selfdiscovery #love #selflove

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There just some things you can’t learn from a book, get out there and find it. #selfdiscovery #az #traveler #soloBabe

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