Emily Ehlers (@emily_ehlers)

It's a weird time to start up a new blog but that's the thing about creativity; it doesn't really care for "life stuff", it just wants you to make stuff. I'm just going through the little present I've made for it (and ebook on living deliberately) and one of the exercises is Your Ideal Day. It's not groundbreaking but it works and it's damn fun to do. You literally just imagine how your ideal day would look - within the realm of possibility but a biiiiit of a stretch away. So, for example, mine looked like a fairly normal day complete with kids, work and the house I live in. there was no bath tub with a specific tap for Champagne That's a blatant lie... there was a tap for champagne. Right next to the SSB tap and OMG I CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE A WINE. I digress. It's such a cool way to highlight a) what your values are, b) how you're not seeing them reflected in your current life and c) how easily available to us A LOT of them are without huge drastic change. For me the bits that kept coming up were a slow calm lifestyle, full of people I love (where they know exactly how much I love them) and life focused around creativity, nature and movement. And the tap thing. Any who, there are my ponderings for the morning. Now I'm off to forage for some wild Salted Caramel Donuts. I believe they grow on a vine near my home...

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Pretty petals and or gold bracelet by @mollysmyth #fore

GetFitWithPhillips (@getfitwithphillips)

Super easy dinner for the grill- pre-made chicken kabobs with peppers and a veggie medley.
Love the extra veggies! 😍😋
Dinner in 30 min and hardly any clean up!🙌🏻
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Pretty type found at @superbafoodandbread in Venice Beach.

Cris Machado (@crissmachaddo)

"Ainda que eu falasse as línguas dos homens e dos anjos, e não tivesse amor, seria como o metal que soa ou como sino que tine." 1 Coríntios 13:1
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highwoodhome: 🌿 We're so excited to announce our feature for #elevatedrustic is Nina @balkanina! We absolutely fell in love with the simple black and white style with wood accents and greenery! And of course, who doesn't love some shiplap? We'd love for you to guest cohost next Tuesday, so please let us know if you're interested! Thank you to all who participated!
A huge thank you to Sheri @sheriandersen for joining this week! It's been so great getting to know you better 😘! Again, we appreciate each one of you who shared a glimpse into your perfectly rustic homes and we can't wait to see what you have in store for us next week. Have a wonderful Thursday, friends! 🌿
Hosts of #elevatedrustic:
• Katie @highwoodhome
• Chelsea @chelsealogemann
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#simplicity. I don't like to decorate, or hang things in my room or anywhere unless I know I'm going to stay there for a long time. I went to school today, took my test. All I have to take is the College math class and then I can put an application. So I registered for the class today, and start next month. When this is all done, I want to decorate my room with a Victorian era theme. Until then, and maybe even when i get to where I am going, #simplicity rules my life.