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"Sometimes you have to be apart from people you love, but that doesn't make you love them any less. Sometimes you love them more." #mellowmood #sisterhood #missingyou

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The love and bond between sisters can never wavier. I love you so much Catelyn. #sisters #sisterhood #weddingday #hermitagehillfarmandstables #somuchlove❤️ #maidofhonor

Katrina Costedio (@katcost)

Three years ago, on a whim, I sent a check, booked a flight and spent a week in this woman’s house with five other women. We went to improve our jiu-jitsu, but ended up improving our lives. My heart will forever be tethered to yours @sophiamcdermottbjj Keep fighting the good fight, bringing good vibes and lifelong connections to the worldwide female BJJ community. #rollmodel #missyou #bjjwomen #bravewoman_ #bjjcommunity #sisterhood #femalecollective #bethestarofyourownlife

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Today is an exciting day with the launch of an unprecedented campaign “Bridging The Gap”, where 100 Millennial and 100 Midlife Influencers are coming together to blur the boundaries as we believe we are stronger together. Click the link in my profile to see my latest blog post. We are putting an end to the labels and divisions that no longer serve us as age is simply a number, while it’s your attitude and way of looking at life that truly matters. We are women supporting women, along with a few brave men joining the celebration. We are coming together to send a powerful message that we choose to be seen for who we are rather than be defined by our ages. We believe in a world without separation. We believe we are far stronger together. Please join us in this revolutionary campaign as it’s the hearts and souls of the women that truly matter in the end. It was so much fun getting to know my Fiesty UK friend Jessica _jessicaganger. I am very appreciative to have been a part of this campaign and the many amazing women and men I will continue to meet!
#WeareStrongerTogether #BridgingtheGap #AgeisJustaNumber#Sisterhood#TheMidlifeRevolution #ForeverFierce

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Who supports you? Who lifts you up? Tag somebody who keeps you strong and smiling!

Flowers by @t.aes.t

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$5 registration online and $7 at the door. You coming? Register, today!!
#Repost @destinyunveiled
Even if you don’t live in DFW, we would love to have you!! Register today!
You are INVITED!
Destiny Unveiled Presents: WHO DO YOU SAY I AM?
How we answer this question has the power to change the trajectory of our lives. Knowing Him intimately shapes what we believe. Our view of God also shapes our identity, purpose and relationships!
Join us as we discuss how the power of the Gospel changes how we see ourselves, our purpose and relationships!
Information on our guest speaker - BJ Thompson
BJ Thompson was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and came to faith in Christ at age 19. He and his beautiful wife, Vanja, have been married for over 14 years and have 3 children. One of the founding members of the global "Unashamed" movement, BJ served alongside recording artist LeCrae for 3 years developing leaders. He also served at Fellowship Memphis church under Bryan Loritts for 3 years. Over the past 15 years BJ has partnered with organizations, churches, and ministries to help develop marriages, form small groups, and train leaders globally. Currently BJ serves as the co-founder of Build A Better Us. He has a bachelor's degree in sociology from the University of North Texas and a masters in Christian studies from Union University.

Severyna Jaunasse (@severyna971)

Only love is the answer ....change the way you look at your life give more love in every little thing and you will completely change your reality , what you gives is what's you receive .

Seulement l'amour est la réponse ...change la manière dont tu perçois ta vie , met plus d'amour dans les petites choses au quotidien et tu changeras complètement ta perception de ta réalité . Ce que tu donne c'est ce que tu reçois au retour
#love #empoweringwomen #sisterhood #selflove #amour #femmes #energiefeminine #bonheur #

Summer Nguyen (@calidragonfly)

THIS. Please read. Whether you have experienced abuse first hand, second hand, or hopefully not at all this is such a great statement.
@Regranned from @andreagomezme - Abuse has a spectrum. You might have gone through the really hard, painful, violent, cruel side of it. Or you might have gone through the "ordinary", the "subtle" and the "normalized" part of it. Both are abuse. And non of it is ok. 🌸 Our boundaries matter, our bodies matter, our dreams matter, our opinions matter, our pain matters, our well-being matters. Period. 🌸
I've been many times in the "subtle" side of it. It's still brutal. It has undermined my self-confidence, my agency as an empowered woman and has made me distrust what I feel and what I know is right. 🌸 We need each other to change this. We need each other to teach our kids the basics of respect and kindness. We need each other to break the cycles of shame and silence. We need each other to heal. 🌸 #metoo ———
#breakthesilence #abuse #nomore #sisterhood #together - #regrann

Miss North Carolina (@missamericanc)

When in Pirate nation, do as the {East Carolina University} Pirates do! ⚔️
Loved eating breakfast and catching up with my girls @missgreatercarolina_nc (Autumn Hubbard, my Miss NC Roomie💕) and @missgoldsboro_nc (Courtney Smith, my 1st RU💕)! So grateful to have such an amazing support system from my #MissNC Class of 2017 #sisters. You inspire me daily. I love y’all. 🎀
Thank you, Greenville! Otw back to Raleigh. #thereshetravels 🚘
#sisterhood #breakfastwithmissnc #ecu #greenville #nc #theresheis

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A short break
(+)Liat apa? (-) Ikan tenggelam
#niecesandaunts #sisterhood #nephew #auah #sukasuka #zzz

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I'm so excited to have these #PhenomenalWomen @makgofe @percyshabangu as Guest Speakers at our " Purposeful Woman" High Tea 🎀🍰🍮☕️🍸🎀.. It will be glitz and glam pink affair in light of #breastcancerawareness 🎀. Only few tickets left , book yours email:esther@mapitsi.co.za Tel:(011) 038-1100 /0714708854 💃🏽💃🏽.. #phenomenalwoman #enterpreneurs #beautymeetsbrains #godlywomen #mothers #sisterhood #HighTea #pageants #pageantduties #sheisafrica #africanbeautyqueenswithsubstance 👑#msafricafinalist2017_rahabmatebane 👑

theOPlife.com👉Life.OnPurpose (@irenegianos)

I'm so honored to be a part of a special collaboration today, one that 200 of us women participated in, as we let age not be a barrier and are "bridging the gap" in learning from each other, supporting each other, and growing together. 100 middle age influencers and 100 millennials have come together to empower and grow together. We're women supporting women. We're coming together to send a powerful message that we choose to be seen for who we are rather than be defined by our ages.🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️
Click on my LINK IN BIO under BLOG to read my post and find the other women as well to see what I've learned from my partner and find the other women in this campaign. 💖💖💖

Mama Smartz (@mama_smartz)

So nice to have woken up this morning knowing that everyone with me was safe and sound after Ophelia. Not every family could do that this morning tho. Your health and happiness can be snatched away in the blink of an eye, when you’re least expecting it. Every day that I’ve healthy happy kids is a bonus that I’ll grab with both hands and take a minute out of the noise, to appreciate 👊🏻

Vanessa E. Luna (@vanessaindallas)

Today is an exciting day with the launch of an unprecedented campaign, “Bridging the Gap,” where 100 Millennial and 100 Midlife Influencers are coming together to blur the boundaries of ageism as we believe we are stronger together. Click the link in my bio to see my post on this wonderful campaign and awareness! Age is simply just a number 😊 I’m so happy to be part of this campaign where women support women and not defined by our ages. Read more at vanessaindallas.com and especially to meet my partner @fashionfairydust ! I enjoyed getting to know her and her fab style 💕

#wearestrongertogether #bridgingthegap #ageisjustanumber #sisterhood #themidliferevolution #foreverfierce
#stylegram #bloggerlife #vanessaindallas #style #styleinspiration #bloggerbabe #bloggerstyle #instafashion #dallas #fashionblogger #styleblogger #fashionista #womenempowerment #together #latinablogger #dallasblogger #womenhelpingwomen #blogger #fashionover30 #fashionover50 #socialmovement

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Do you ever wonder why you do what you do? Do you ever feel like you give so much of yourself, you wonder what is left? We do. We all do, really. This is your reminder that what you do matters. When you reach out a hand to another person, you are making an impact. We all need to help each other, lift each other up, and show the world kindness and love. It starts with you. Be kind to yourself today bellies. We love you. 💜 #morningmotivation #tribe #loveyourself #heal #riseup #breastcancer #metastaticbreastcancer #survivor #thriver #sisterhood #community #theunderbelly

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Separation is a process many people are afraid of. Man does not realize that it is this separation that causes us to invest our time and energy in fruitful things.🍃Just because your path is different it doesn't mean you are lost! We often neglect the field we ought to work in and participate in unnecessary activities.💨 .
This should be your motion: to seek His clarity in Yah's devotion.

yasnalpr (@__yasnagram__)

A woman without her sister, is like a bird without wings
Can't fly without you by my side sisi ❣️