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Mariya Andreeva 🌱 (@marie.andreeva)

And while the normal teenagers are laying with their boyfriends/girlfriends I am laying with my fruits and vegetables...🍊🍇🍏 this is so pathetic..😂

ROCIO (@rocio_chen)

Today is a good day☀️

Alexander J de C Barnett (@alexjdcb)

What a fantastic day spent driving around picking up bales this was in Norway a few years ago 🇳🇴Super sunny☀️ with the radio on and a never ending supply of bales to load up on the trailer 😆👍🏻

Chase Wayton (@chasewayton)

Man Xing.
Man Xing, out the way
turbo boosted, steam train delay
stop less, never rest
tunnel visioned, on the best.
DM me for photo/video work & other inquiries. Thanks—Chase

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Viure sempre corrents, avançant amb la gent, rellevant contra el vent, transportant sentiments ✌🏿⭐️

Tina Michailidou-Mavromichali (@tinaki_mm)

Κάτι έχω πάθει τώρα τελευταία με τους καθρέφτες...🤔🖱️📱 Καθρέφτη, καθρεφτάκι μου... #mırroring #mırroreffect #smile #nod #lookatyou