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-I can't..I can't do what I want..then selfishly ask for her to be with me
-You can. I still love you I love you more than anyone. No matter what selfish act you do.
If I think you're wrong I'll stop you. If you're pain, I'll save you. If you're lost. I'll work with you. But being apart is the last thing I allow. I understand your reasoning. But I want to hear your feelings, seeting reasoning aside.
-I'll probably do more selfish things. And probably bad things, too. I'll probably ask you to save me when I'm in pain and I'd like you to work with me when I'm lost.
But if you'll allow me, I do want to be with you.
-Sure you can. ❤️

Shakugan No Shana 🔥 💙 Shana x Yuji 💙

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