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➡️The best winter bundle is back!!⬅️
For a limited time, pair our Active Hydration Serum with any one of our Skincare Regimens for a discounted price!! Who doesn't love a good deal? 🤗
And check out my friend, Lindy's, before and after using Active Hydration Serum! 😍It's a definite MUST in the winter! ❄️
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✨Spice up your shower routine with one of our unique bar soap blends. Made with only pure ingredients and zero harsh chemicals, your skin will be healthy clean. 🍃What's your favorite?

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Ayyyy that Eucalyptus & Lemongrass looking good 🕯️ Come hang with us this Sunday at the one and only @miamiflea ✨ As per usual, there will be live music, cute puppies & lots of delicious food and drinks!! •

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Aloe 🌱It’s one of my all time favourite ingredients! .
Need some hydration or soothing after-sun care? ☀️ check out our new multi-use soothing aloe gel! A lightweight gel moisturiser that is formulated with sensitive skin in mind. .
Can be used as a night mask, just wash off in the morning. Can be used to soothe sun burn (keep it in the fridge) Dry, sensitive skin? Yes please 👌🏼
📸by: @jo_the_body_shop .
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Escape the hyper-connected, over-stimulated state of modern day life and soak up the sea air. 😌🌤️🐠🐚

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Results, results, RESULTS, oh! And..more results. It’s just not shocking anymore! What are you waiting for? Start taking of your skin TODAY. #skinwithmary #beforeandafter #soothe #soothing #red #angry #skin #calm

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Australian Bush Mint After Sun Spray 250ml. Made with Organic Aloe Gel, Organic Natural Vitamin E , Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil and Organic Witch Hazel with oils of ACO Certified Bush Balm Mint and Premium Australian Peppermint oils it absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling soooo good.

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What a difference TWO years makes! 💙
These are my personal results using #RodanAndFields! These products have completely changed not only my outward appearance but how I feel about myself. •
I am thankful every day that with my business I get to give this gift of transformation and confidence to my customers to experience this same feeling I’m sitting here feeling today.
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Happy @lajoieskin customers. This is a snippet of a video posted proactively on Jess's ig story. What makes this even sweeter was that once again, it is not sponsored.
Calmmé a revolutionary antichafe cream.

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Going home soon to soak in the bath 😌 These products will be available in the store this week 10am-6pm... Come see the rejuvenating benefits of @moonriversnaturals 💗🌷 I think we could all use a nice hot bath, don’t you? .
. .
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hydration station anyone? we’re big on releasing the bad and replenishing the good.
lavender, vitamin c, alkaline, and tea make a shape house a shape home.

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Transformation Tuesday! Our Soothe regimen is THE answer for sensitive skin. It’s perfect for the whole family, I use this for Emilia and Kellan because they are so sensitive and get red VERY easily during the winter. Ask about the deal with Active Hydration Serum right now, so worth it to feel good during the wintertime. ❄️ #transformationtuesday #soothe #cureredness #sensitiveskin #rosacea

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Soothe your little one with our non-irritating, petroleum free chest rub with Eucalyptus, Lavender & Beeswax.Thanks for the 📷: @style_arianaa

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Happy Tuesday,
Got big pores, got time ? 2 minutes and that is all it takes for Kaolin mask to work. Get to know the first step in our powerful Redefine Regimen aka Anti Aging Warrior! Redefine Daily Cleaning Mask contains Kaolin clay which draws impurities from the pores but won’t rob your skin essentials moisture!
I love my daily mask, it makes my skin so smooth, soft and silky not to mention my pores shrink half their size!
If you are looking for daily skin routine to define aging process, Redefine Regimen has everything to offer
💕Friends help friends get good skin💕
Ask me how.

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Here’s a clip from a talk I gave at @bmwpastor ‘s church recently. I answer his question: What is self-compassion? First, what it’s not: Self-compassion is not self-pity, where we wallow in the shame of what we have done. It is not self-complacency, where we just accept where we are. Instead, it is the idea that we can be kind to ourselves when we fail and treat ourselves with the caring support we would give another who is struggling.
Self-compassion factors in both truth and grace as we relate to ourselves: Truth acknowledges that we make mistakes, and grace factors in that I have worth and value, mistakes and all.
Self-compassion is a gentle way we relate to ourselves both when we’re struggling, and when things are going well. We want to treat ourselves as we would a friend who is scared, confused or learning something new. *
Self-compassion helps us soothe our mistakes and regrets. It brings truth and grace to our hearts, helps us correct our mistakes, and repair hurts with our children. It also gives us the freedom to learn what we don’t know and find solutions. See link in bio to help you get started!

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#2018 put your best face forward!