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On March 10th, Indigenous defenders are calling for a mass action to stop the Kinder Morgan #tarsands pipeline: https://buff.ly/2EM38Zv
Like or share if you'll stand with them.

#ActOnClimate #cdnpoli #bcpoli #NoKXL #StopKM #WaterIsLife

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Tell Trudeau you love the #SRKWs - SOS to protect orcas in the #SalishSea #StopKM

Photo: photography by Lyon on Flickr

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Time to connect with the love within all of us. Drop judgemental behavious, criticism, and negativity. Stay in touch with our emotions, their source and be curious. In doing so we create space for appreciation. Now's the time to collaborate. Now we must work together to protect our home. ♥️ so excited for this moment and I can not wait for the months ahead!

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"Think of the jobs already lost in B.C. from the pine beetle & declining salmon runs. Think of last summer's forest fires. Of course Trans Mountain's expansion threatens my job. B.C. is on the front lines for climate impact, and ski resorts on the coast are very vulnerable."⠀

- John Hockin, ski instructor, Mt. Washington, B.C.⠀

#KeepCanadaWorking #notankers #stopkm #climatechange

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Photo: @CristinaMittermeier, Greenland / Many of us believe that climate change won’t impact our daily lives - that is until it does. For Greenland’s Inuit people, the impact of climate change is already here. The ice is thinning and shrinking, reducing their hunting grounds and creating a dangerous landscape to travel on.
While many remote communities have been living with climate change for years, the rest of the world is beginning to feel it too, with more intense hurricanes, heavier rain and snowfall, heatwaves and longer droughts.
My name is Cristina Mittermeier (@cristinamittermeier) and my partner Paul Nicklen (@PaulNicklen), and I are taking over Greenpeace International, and Greenpeace Canada’s (@greenpeace_canada) Instagram feeds. We formed @Sea_legacy four years ago to change the narrative of the world’s oceans from a negative one, into a positive one. As advocates for a healthy ocean, we stand with those opposing tar sands and all of the risks that they pose to our planet.

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More than 3500 people have RSVP'd to support Tsleil-Waututh elders and water protectors on March 10. Kai and Jayda explain why they'll be there!
Join us at ProtectTheInlet.ca

#StopKM #waterislife #protectthesacred #defendourcoast #standupforBC #Indigenous #humanrights #ocean #pnw #salishsea

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"We are well-aware of how spills impact our livelihoods because one is impacting ours right now." The spill from the Nathan E. Stewart sinking closed the clam beds in Bella Bella. "That's where our supply came from. We lost a big part of our distribution business. It's been more than a year and there is no sign it will reopen anytime soon."⠀

- Rose Osmond of Union Bay, B.C. Terry Mckay of Zeballos B.C.⠀

#KeepCanadaWorking #notankers #stopkm

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Three people stopped this truck and three others for about 45min this morning
#JustinTrudeauBrigade #stopkm #ProtectTheInlet

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"For the past 18 years, we have hand-harvested wild seaweed off B.C.'s coast to create & manufacture innovative, health & wellness skincare. Our company provides employment for a dozen people & we sell across Canada and beyond."⠀

- Diane Bernard, Sooke B.C.⠀

#KeepCanadaWorking #notankers #stopkm @seafloraskincare

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Just a bit of sea side bouldering for two 😍💪

Oil Sands Action (@oilsandsaction)

Nothing we do will ever be good enough. Let’s recognize the fact these protest groups are only targeting Alberta and they only want to shut us down, they have been paid to land lock our energy exports and they will never stop trying to cripple our resource sector with fear and misinformation. We must fight back as citizens against this sophisticated, well funded campaign to block our economic growth and free trade. #oilsandsproud #oilsands #cdnpoli #mikehudema #tzeporahberman #tzeporah #forestethics #tarsands #tarsandscampaign #stopkm #nokxl #tidescanada #nrdc #sierraclub #dogwoodbc #bcpoli #abpoli #skpoli #mbpoli #onpoli #ottawa #burnaby

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"There are 40 people working for small oyster producers on this dock alone. More in other places in Baynes Sound. We all depend on this work to feed our families. Kinder Morgan puts my job at risk."⠀
- Ryan Maliszewski, with Jennifer Lee, in Fanny Bay, B.C.⠀⠀
#KeepCanadaWorking #notankers #stopkm

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A beautiful day for a protest. Students opposed to KM's pipeline expansion. No consent no pipeline. #stopkm #protectheinlet #indigenousrights protecttheinlet.ca

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"First they stole our children from the land, now they steal the land from our children." #cdnpoli #bcpoli #KlappanMountain #StopKM #IndigenousRightsNow #WaterIsLife @JustinTrudeau

Photo by Carrie Cervantes.

Ash (@from_ash_to_art)

There is so much life that lives within and feeds off of these coastal tidpools. Crabs, muscles, hermit crabs, birds, urchins, even bears, not to mention the star fish that are returning to our coast after a terrifying disappearance. An oil spill would destroy this habitat; on of the most bio-diverse and adaptable sources given its ever changing tidal environment. #standupforbc #notankers

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Capitalism causes climate change #stopkm

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Why am I an activist? When I ask myself this question, I look at the world around me and I wonder how it got to be this way. I think of all of the priveledges in my life that I entirely take advantage of. I think of a time when people told women what to do, how to act, and what to say. To a time when women had no say in Politics and no business in the education system. A time I will never know. But most of all, I think of the courageous women who stood up. The women who took a stand, when taking a stand was not something anyone would do. When society pushed them back down. And now I can travel the world with my backpack because I wanted to feel wild and free. Now I can sit surrounded by books at my university. I think of these women, and I know that I owe it to these people to continue this fight. I owe it to the millions of people who still dont have a choice and to the millions who don't realize we do. So when I rally, and continually post and talk about the environment, I am doing this for three generations from now and the generations past. So that 50 years from now your grandchildren, my grandchildren, and their children's children can stand on this jagged coastline, and know what it feels like to be in the presence of an orca. And when your grandchildren ask you: "what we're you doing about it?" You can say absolutely everything I could do. #takeaction #yourvoicematters #activism #westcoast #britishcolumbia #stopkm #westillsayno #waterislife #coastprotectors #oilspill #tofino #nanaimo #women #woman #loudandproud #nature #environment #rights #ocean #viu #viusu #vancouverislanduniversity