Still striving

HeroinJunkie (@dankkmama)

FINN — to much sauce. Like if you agree.

✡️Elen Delon ✡️ (@elen__delon)

Почему у начинающих горнолыжников на спине и на лбу нет знака «У»?📛🙆🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Timothy Michael Wen (@ecmet)

Cry babies , .
miss you my other half “jiggle jiggle waaw waaw” .
Captured by @brolin_dr

Anupriya DG (@styleprism)

Welcoming you to the last day of The Backyard Pop-Up!!
Do drop in to see some cool indie brands of clothes & accessories!!
My colorful avatar is thanks to the Chinese Checkers dress from the new Check Mate collection of @howrahbridgebyadg 😊
Hope to see you Kolkata peeps today!


I want these pants • for more follow @bobbysixtythree // to be featured #bobbysixtythree