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Pre-endo➡️endo belly➡️post 2nd surgery. To be clear, NO exercising has been done in between these pics. 🙅🏻These are just the changes that my body has been through during my whole experience with endometriosis and also diet habits. For an update, I had my second laparospic surgery a month ago by an amazing doctor who actually took my pain seriously and decided to operate when other doctors said it was a bad idea. Turns out it was a good idea because there was actually a lot of endo tissue hiding around and a rotten organ that all needed to removed and she got rid of that so yay! ☀️ I wish I could say I feel completely better now, but it looks like my body still needs more time before I'm totally pain-free. Anyways I'm so happy to see that my body is starting to look normal again! For so long I was so insecure with my crazy bloated belly and to make things worse, I would overeat and binge-eat almost everyday because being overly full would help with the uterus pain, and then it became a habit. Thankfully I'm recovering from that and am developing normal eating habits. I haven't exercised at all, and I don't count calories or macros, but just stopping binge-eating and eating an anti-inflammatory diet since the surgery has made such a difference. I'm not as lean as I was and not trying to be a body builder anytime soon but, baby steps... #thecomeback #endometriosis #endometriosisawareness #endometriosisfighter #bloating #bingeeating #laparoscopy #surgery #chronicillness #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #healinginprogress #bbgbreak
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A apicectomia é uma cirurgia que tem por finalidade a remoção de uma lesão que se forma no ápice (ponta da raiz) do dente.
Há dois tipos, um que apenas remove-se a lesão e outra que remove-se o ápice da raiz.
Esse lesão ocorre devido à polpa infectada, em que se forma o processo inflamatório.
Por muitas vezes essa lesão é assintomática, com um desenvolvimento lento e gradual, o qual provoca destruição óssea na região.
Geralmente o pos cirúrgico é indolor ou com um desconforto mínimo.

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Well, that was unexpected 😮

The teeth were cleaned ( no x-rays taken) at another vet office one year ago and the owner has brushed its teeth daily ever since #hiddenpathology

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The Neurotransmitter That Regulates Dreams.
It has been well established that the neurotransmitter, adenosine, becomes abundant in the brain when we are tired or in a state of energy deficiency. This build up of adenosine leads us to become sleepy by blocking wakefulness. However, researchers at the University of Tsukuba demonstrate that adenosine also decreases our coveted REM sleep by acting on a specific set of receptors. They showed that when adenosine binds to A2A receptors in the olfactory bulb (imaged above), REM sleep is decreased.
During REM sleep, or rapid-eye-movement sleep, you dream. It is an extremely critical part of your sleep cycle because of its restorative function. Specifically, it processes emotions, information, memories, and stress. If you were to not have adequate REM sleep, you would feel grogginess and a lack of concentration the next day. In order to avoid these problems be sure to keep a regular sleep schedule, create a relaxing bedtime routine, manage your thoughts via introspection, be consistent with your diet before bed, do NOT drink alcohol or have any exogenous pharmacological substances before bed if possible, and eliminate caffeine (an adenosine antagonist) any time after lunch. Stay tuned for more in-depth tips to perfect your circadian rhythm. Tag a friend who needs help going to bed on time!
Media: Masataka Sasabe, University of Tsukuba International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine
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Starting 2018 by fixing a 30 year old issue: my left kidney... #fixing #surgery #hospital #health #newyear #newme

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From being Layed up for 2 months,to being back on it !#surgery#outofwork#layedup

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Hi everyone, we would like to give you all an update on Jacob. First of all, we just wanted to say a massive thank you for everyone’s kind words and wishes, it really means a lot! 💙 We took Jacob to the specialist practice this morning where he was firstly seen by a second specialist. The specialist went over the notes from the vet and thoroughly examined Jacob. After a long examination he decided that surgery was not going to be the best option after all! It appeared that Jacob had broken his leg whilst he was a very young pup (whilst being weeks old) and it never healed properly. This had caused Jacobs back leg to turn in and sometimes cause Jacob to limp. The vet before had thought surgery would be the best option. However, the specialist said the bone that had been broken was very small and the area where the bone is located, has a very little blood supply around it. This meant that the surgery would have been very difficult and the leg wouldn’t have healed very well. The specialist thought that a course of hydrotherapy would help strengthen his muscles meaning Jacob will walk more easily. He did say that Jacob shouldn’t be in any pain with his leg and that he will still probably limp from time to time. Jacob stayed at the practice for the rest of the day and had some X-rays done which confirmed the specialist thoughts. If we’re honest, we are happier that he doesn’t have to go for surgery as that would have put him through a lot of stress. Jacob is now home with us, a little sleepy from the anaesthetic, so he is getting lots of cuddles! We will keep you all updated on when we start his hydrotherapy and fingers crossed this will help his leg! Thanks again for your support 💙💙

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3 hours of surgery & 3 hours of nap time later. Yes, I am the girl who wears make up and a skirt to go into surgery. ACL is officially reconstructed!! •

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Pretty guitar faces. The struggle is real 😉🎸A little cosmetic surgery on an unused pickguard mount hole.

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DEAR ARIK AIR (@flyarikair), We are thankful for the #free Lagos-Enugu-Lagos tickets for Jesudarasimi and her #mother, for her post hole in the #heart #surgery check-up on 11th January, 2018.
Jesudarasimi and her mother thoroughly enjoyed the flights! (Swipe left for more photos).
THANK YOU for linking hands with us in seeing this #precious #girl through to the #completion of her #treatment and #ushering her into a #life of total well-being.
Indeed, #together, we can do much more!
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