HI i’m so sorry! i had such a busy week last week and couldn’t post so so sorry but i’m back and will finish my countdown! which is by the way TVD RELATED - i love other show relationships more than some tvd relationships but here’s the tvd list! • 9) damon & caroline
the development of these two characters is insane - both by themselves and together. i love my two favorite characters so much and i love their relationship and how they will be SIBLINGS that’s so cute to me. i love daroline and always will


Can to, t100 & got start already

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Smile, someone could be falling in love with it💗

Stelena Deserved Better (@originalstelena)

She helped him love himself again and find himself as he did for her
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Charlotte Riley Evans
loves animals with all her heart, especially dogs. 21. nobody's girl. just wants to be loved by the right guy. acts innocent. low key extremely kinky. enjoys cuddles and everything Christmas. makes the best chocolate chip cookies around. in school to become an English teacher. very flirtatious. sends a lot of memes. has a thing for neck kisses and thigh grabs. falls for someone too easily. melts at the cute nicknames such as "princess" or "baby girl" for no reason. doesn't have many friends, so be her friend, she doesn't bite too hard.

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Stefen Salvatore
hello I’m back how’s it been
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i've been on rp for like 3 years and i haven't had a single friend... like one that i actually talk to

Stelena Deserved Better (@originalstelena)

what can i say i'm a sucker for a plot twist esp when is delena to stelena :)) cr; @toxicstefan

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I love you. I can't explain my love for you but I hope this video explains it a little♡
Happy one year anniversary granny.
I send you a long ass message on snapchat, instagram and skype. Let me just short it out for here.
You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you so fucking much.
I am aware I only did Jayne and not Jayne Marie.

For my granny♡
Ac me || cc evilherself
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I don't care if this flops because this makes me smile 💞