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Hello mes petits choux ! Voici ma première commande Clinique ! 🌸

Alors j'ai seulement achetée le démaquillant Bi-phasée « Take The Day Off » 50 ml qui est à 8€. Ce qui est très cher d'après moi mais bon j'ai voulue testée et je l'ai fait !
Il est super bien ! Il faut le secouer puis en mettre sur le Cotton et se démaquiller ! Il ne laisse pas de film gras mais plutôt un film hydrater très agréable !
Ma note 🌺 :
Il est génial mais trop cher à mon goût !

Ensuite il y a la boîte Clinique Bonus que j'ai eu avec un code promo avec :
- 1 miniature du Lipstick Clinique Pop en teinte 14 🌙
- 1 miniature du mascara High Impact 😊
Je les ai testé et ils sont géniaux ! 🤗

Puis il y a les deux échantillons :
- Moisture surge (gel crème)
- all about eyes rich (contour des yeux)
Je ne les ai pas encore tester je vous en dirai des nouvelles 🌷

Avez vous déjà commander sur Clinique ? 💜

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Clinique CZ & SK (@cliniquecz_sk)

Oblíbený odličovač na oči i obličej je nyní k dostání v "miminkovské" verzi za cenu 190 Kč. A dnes je navíc s 25% slevou. Krásný pátek! #TakeTheDayOff

Stephanie Bailey (@stephaniemaii_x)

Did you catch my recent pamper routine video on my YouTube channel? 🤔 I used some of my favourite skincare products to really rejuvenate my skin & combat the visual signs of stress! 🙌🏻💕 I am also loving the @clinique_oz Take The Day Off Cleansing balm atm to clean my skin after a long day! Check out the video to see it in action! #TakeTheDayOff #CliniquePartner

TESSA (@anverelle)

Goodmorning sunshine! ☀️ How do you like to start your morning beauty routine? 🤔 I've recently fell in love with using oil-based cleansers like @dhcskincare as they are the most simple yet effective product to cleanse your skin - even with waterproof make-up! ❤️ Pure olive oil, rosemary oil and vitamine E are the only ingredients you'll find in this Japanese deep cleansing oil, so you know it's going to be gentle and kind to all skintypes, especially the sensitive ones like myself 😌 What's your favourite product to start your morning beauty routine? 🙌🏻
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ashley vf (@ashleyvfmakeup)

At the end of the day when trying to take off a full face of makeup, these 2 products together are everything! The Clinique balm just melts all of the makeup while the Neutogena cleansing gel makes my face feel hydrated and super clean! @clinique @neutrogena #clinique #takethedayoff #neutrogena #skincare #makeup #makeuplover #skincareroutine #makeuplove

Hooper (Level: Slept On 😴😴) (@shady.blakk)

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P.s. I'm on E⛽️. If you plan on hooping this summer and you see me on the opposing team! #TAKETHEDAYOFF

💜 naomi 💜 (@naomicannons)

Aren't these so cute?

Can you tell I got tasked by my friends & family to go to @johnlewisretail today?? Go to their @cliniqueuk counter and get your free sample of #takethedayoff
Still available all tomorrow!! This balm is amazing & glad I can share the love! 💜💜💜💜 #skincare #skincareroutine #skincarecommunity #minitakethedayoff

The Little Beauty Guide (@thelittlebeautyguide)

Psssst.... if you head into @johnlewisretail today you can get your hands on a luxury travel-sized @cliniqueuk Take the Day Off balm when you buy a full sized one. Your summer travel bag with thank you for it - and so will your skin 💕 #takethedayoff #clinique #bbloggers

Precious Things Depot (@preciousthingsdepot)

At the end of the night I ALWAYS double cleanse. @cliniqueuk Take The Day Off cleansing balm is my go to. It quickly and efficiently removes all traces of make up and leaves skin feeling squeaky clean.... but without the actual squeak. Use with a warm flannel for added "ahhhh" factor.
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Beautisteel (@beautisteel)

Ladies, you'll know by now that I LOVE a freebie. If you head over to @cliniqueuk Facebook page you'll see that they're offering you a free delux sample (25th & 26th May) of their #takethedayoff Cleansing Balm from any @johnlewisretail counter. No purchase required! Bagged mine today and looking forward to trying out 😀
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Rachael Payne (@rachaelwoody)

THIS IS NOT A DRILL #takethedayoff #FREE #Minitravelsize on us today and tomorrow in John Lewis!! I'm in oxford street tomorrow so get in the queue and get yours!!! #beautyicon #freesample #whilestockslast I can't promise there'll be any left by lunch! 👀👀💚💚💚 #cliniqueuk #cliniqueconsultant

Katie Robison (@katierobisonblogs)

Throwdown Thursday:
In this new series, I will compare products of a similar nature to one another and determine which is the best. Please note that it would be impossible to compare all like products from all brands, so I'll be using what I have already as a starting point and will consider adding additional reviews in the future.
1️⃣. Top left - before. I'm wearing, what I would consider, a full face of makeup.
2️⃣. Bottom left - first product in the ring. These are the @clinique Take the Day Off Micellar Cleansing Towelettes for Face & Eyes. You get 50 towelettes for $14.
3️⃣. Right - after. For this challenge, I will be using only one wipe from each competitor.
👍🏻 One wipe did well - as you can see. It even removed the layers of mascara I had with little struggle.
👍🏻 The scent isn't bad.
👎🏻They were minimally saturated.
👎🏻The feeling left on my face was not pleasant. It was a greasy residue that I wasn't a fan of.
Overall, I have decided I won't be repurchasing these. I did, initially, because I am a huge fan of their Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. Unfortunately, they aren't similar at all.
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Milena (@mimarkova)

CLINIQUE take the day off- odličovací balzám a odličovací olej. Oba jsou skvělí pomocníci. 👍👌Je to první olej, který mi na pleti nedělá neplechu. Kdybych se měla mezi nimi ale rozhodnout, volím balzám, je mi na pleti příjemnější. 😉😊 O jeho oblíbenosti svědčí i fakt, že když jsem si ho chtěla koupit v butiku Clinique v Palladiu, byl vyprodaný. Oči s ním neodličuji.
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BeautyEveryday 😼 (@beautyyeveryday)

Coucou les filles, J'espère que vous allez bien avec ce beau temps 🌞 (35 degrés ici)
Je vais aller me balader un peu et faire quelques magasins ☺️
Je vous parlerai bientôt sur le blog du baume démaquillant de chez Clinique. Je l'aime énormément 👌vous connaissez ? Courage à tous ceux qui bossent et qui ne font pas le pont 💪
Belle journée à tous ♡
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