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KillerVibe or SnowBarry?

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Candice Patton. What can I say about her? She's practically indescribable but I'll try my best to describe the legend that is Candice Patton. She's amazing, kindhearted, loving, hilarious, talented, stunning, strong, compassionate, adventurous, affectionate, generous, caring, and intelligent. I have loved this woman for about three years now and she is one of the best public figures to look up to. She's my idol and she deserves all the happiness in the world. Today is her birthday and I just wanna take a moment to appreciate her parents for not using a condom twenty nine years ago on this day. This may be a simple edit but she means so much to me and has had a big impact on my life. She makes me smile when I'm down and just the thought of her can bring a smile on anyone's face. Thank you Candice Patton for playing the amazing character that is iris west, and thank you to the flash crew for hiring Candice Kristina Patton to play Iris West. Candice, you are truly a blessing to all of us, and damn do you deserve the best. We are all proud of you and your accomplishments and I know that you don't even know I exist but it's okay because either way I get to look up to a tremendous young woman who is beautiful inside and out. Thank you for everything you have done for us and for being alive. You don't deserve any hate, just love. And we're glad to have you as our Iris West. I love you so so so much Candice, happy 29th birthday, queen🖤💅🏽. [Tag Candice so hopefully she sees this & it brightens her day!🤞🏽💗]

КУКЛЫ и МЕДВЕДИ (@olga.silvina)

Вместе с новым Мишей желаем отлично отдохнуть вам! И пусть лето-не лето, а все равно СУББОТА есть СУББОТА😘😘😘
Мишка поел опилок. Я поела творог. А что поели вы?
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