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Life-size Aquamoa at SDCC!

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~*~ Every character I make has it's own back story. For Justin the most hardest thing in life is looking after the woman he loves and not being able to touch her and show her how much he really loves her even tho he's a gay at heart. For many years he and Diana are a dynamic duo that everyone in the world tries to live up to. Justin is always the less confident one out of the two even though his brain often gets them out of some really complicated situations. Because of his sexual status he always finds himself leaning towards men with high standards who often make him go crashing down in the arms of the only woman he ever fell in love with and even though she’s his brother’s lover, Justin can’t help the desire of wanting her even more in his life. He often finds himself making a choice between the man of his dream and the woman that holds his heart and ends up picking her, knowing that there might come a point in which he will have to tell her the truth knowing that a storm might come his way if not from her then from the people they are emotionally involved with. ~*~ @grantgust#grantgustin #theflash #barryallen#sebastiansmythe

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"because I didn't want to."
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Life-size Wonder Woman at SDCC!

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Agora é a hora de começar a assistir a 2° Temporada de The Flash, corre Barry vai corre. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #theflashseason2 #theflash #flash #cwtheflash #barryallen #grantgustin

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This is just one of the many collab parts i did lately :) -
(I'm actually kinda proud of it)
[btw, thanks instagram for ruin the sound{
cc l214l -
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🌹тнιѕ ιѕ нoneѕтly ѕo ѕad. ι loved тнaт вand.
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