Abel 🌟 (@abelmtxotwod)

I can't remember how it looks inside 🚬

He makes me happy | (@atalia.sartorius)

AWEE SO CUTE!πŸ’—πŸ˜@jacobsartorius
#jacobsartorius#instagram#theweeknd #tumblr#naymar {Like all my pictures and videos if you really love jacob}
OKEY!😊 Love you guys so muchπŸ’—

TheRapSheet (@the_rapsheet)

@future & @theweeknd sneak previewing shots from their new video for "Coming off Strong" of Futures #HNDRXX album ..

Gigi HadidπŸ’₯ (@sunshinehadiid)

Most adorable photo eveerr❀️🐢

The Weeknd Lover (@abelxove)

They take my kindness for weakness... #future#theweeknd @theweeknd

- king of the fall ⚑️ (@houseofstarboy)

This is so pure my skin is clear my grades are up I'm smiling there's nothing that can bring me down

The Weeknd || 2.8k (@abelsxogirll)

She lick it up just like a candy... #TheWeeknd