Yogi (@yogithegreatpyrenees)

Usually I'm a Yogi bear, but today I'm a bruin!!! #gobruins #ucladog #beatmemphis

Friday & Viernes (@friday_fur_real)

Friday got me like 😏💁🏞
Guess who's going with mawm to work today?! Unlike my sister (see my last post), I sometimes get to tag along with my hooman to make sure she's not being a slacker in the office. ðŸĪ“ Check my insta stories throughout the day to see what shenanigans I get into! Happy Friday! 🎉
#officedoggy #fridayface

Sadie the Pooch (@sadiethepooch)

Had fun touring the UCLA campus today! I'll be matriculating this fall and studying the psychology of dogs, specifically interspecies communications ðŸķðŸ˜đ📚✏ïļ
#backtoschool #ucla #ucladog #collegebound #schoolfordogs