Nithyananda Swami (@nithyanandaswami)

MahaSadaShiva’s blessings to all on Navratari.
I will expand a few words on Mother worship.

Please understand, first and foremost relationship is Mother. Ability to learn, even idea to relate starts with Mother. How to relate starts with mother. Understand, your idea to relate, your ability to relate starts with mother – mother’s contribution in your life either by doing something or by not doing something.

Please understand, even she was not there in your life, the impact of that remains forever. Either she is there or not there, her impact on you remains on you forever. If she was there, if she is there in a positive way; if she was not there, her absence impacts you forever.

I tell you, Mother is too important way to connect what you think as life. In Vedic tradition our Rishis were aware, your ability to connect with the mother should be directed to Cosmos. It should inspire, it should awaken your higher consciousness. It should inspire your higher consciousness to express through you. It should awaken your higher consciousness. Connecting with life as mother is the most sweetest, most beautiful, most easiest form to ever connect.
Please understand, my childhood was full of spiritual experiences, amazing spiritual masters. Great yogis, like Raghupati Yogi, Vibhudanada Puri, the personalities of their stature. Ramsuratkumar, Annamalai Swamigal, Sadhu Om, I can list the personalities. Great spiritual personalities and I was exposed to all the spiritual thought currents and traditions like Vedanta, Shaiva Siddhanta, Shaivism. Even the thought currents of Sankhya, Yoga, Nyaya Vaisheshika, Purva Mimamsa, Uttar Mimamsa, various Yogic Sampradayas. But I tell you, I find most easiest, most powerful, most inspiring, most exciting way to connect with life as the form of Mother. It’s mother worship, I myself chose, after being exposed to so many spiritual masters, experiences, and philosophies. I tell you, if you want tremendous peace and healing in your inner space, chose mother worship. Even with your guru or your Ishta Devata (chosen god) relate as Mother, you will see, the kind of healing in your bio-memory, it will lead to extraordinary healing.

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Сегодня в первое утро нового балийского на океане был отлив) По всему океанскому дну, насколько мог охватить взгляд, зеленели «полосы» водорослей и бугорки обломков кораллов. Между ними блестели океанические «лужи»))) Вообщем, было похоже на пейзаж какой-то другой планеты) Счастливая от восхода Солнца, от нового года и дня, я решила «попрыгать» по лужам, насколько это возможно по острым кораллам))) Я перебиралась от одного «окошка» с водой к другому, не задумываясь о том, что разговариваю, как всегда, с океаном ласковым языком, как вдруг я увидела на воде красивый узор волн. Не просто круги, а именно узор) Пытаясь понять, откуда он появился, я вдруг вспомнила, что думала свои мысли, когда запрыгнула в «лужу»))) Движение моих ног повторило мои мысли и отразилось на водной поверхности в виде волн. И тут меня осенило...) Я стала перебираться от одной лунки к другой, говорила разные мысли и получала разные узоры))) Иногда волны движений моих рук и ног сдвигали части кораллов и водорослей на дне с места, и в ответ шли другие волны) Это простая и увлекательная «игра» с Океаном стала для меня настоящим инсайтом!) А ведь каждое наше слово и мысль вызывает такую же вибрацию в пространстве, как волны на воде, только они не видимы нашему глазу. И узор этих волн и ответ на них зависит от красоты слов и мыслей... Океан показал мне сегодня то, что знала давно, но не видела это так глубоко: все, что мы думаем и говорим, оставляет осязаемый след и реакцию, как и действие. Не просто след в эмоциональном состоянии другого человека, а конкретные процессы и реакции в его теле.
Давайте учится мыслить красиво и быть бережнее друг с другом!!🤗🌸💗
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Free Radio "True Balkan" (@free_radio_balcan_true)

Why Other people in world have word Rase/Rac for Rasismus or Racismo?????....This is old/new name which means members of other skin color.
Ras/Rase is Расе,Раса.
Россия - or transcript RASija.
Spanish name is RACismo,transcript is RAC is old serbs/russian name RAC/РАЦ and RAS transcript to cirilyc is РАС.😀😀😀
In Serbia Rasa/Раса is name for other scin color...
...#srbija #slovenia #poland #russia #celts #nordic #czech #slaves #slavic #serbia #slovakia #iliria #vedi #vedic

👸🏾Myriam Joyce, M.A. (@headheartbalance)

For straight relationships (unfortunately I’m not sure how this would be like in other types of relationships— maybe more so masculine or feminine energies).
If a Man’s North Node falls on the Women’s Moon he amplifies her caring and nurturing nature (for example his North Node is in Cancer and her Moon is in Cancer). Now if the Woman’s North Node falls on the Man’s Moon it could either be positive or negative depending on if the moon was waxing or waning at the time of birth. Waxing Moon is good, Waning is negative synastry.
Now if your a Man’s South Node falls on a Woman’s Moon or if a Woman’s South Node falls on a Man’s Moon neither are good synastry. As either aspect minimizes your love and care for each other over time.
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Blair Horton, Nutritionist (@holisticrendezvous)

Weekend vibes. And, well, every day vibes.
If you work on yourself and become the best version of you, then people will want to be around you. So be dope ya know.

Chit.Chaat.Chai (@chit.chaat.chai)

“ Love is sacred. Beauty is sacred. Flowers are sacred. Birds are sacred. And sacredness brings the perfume of love and compassion. Therefore love and compassion is the perfume of sacredness” ~ Dr. Vasant Lad .
This human is scared & soon the world will know, thanks to the lovely Jeremy Frindel, director of the documentary on Dr. Lad, The Doctor from India @substratumfilms .
I recently interviewed Jeremy and we spoke about the making of the film and the humanitarian spirit of Dr.Lad. The readable interview is now up on the homepage & the podcast is still up on iTunes .
✨ link in profile ✨ .
#thedoctorfromindia #drlad #amazinghumans #sharethelove

Stacy Kamala Waltman (@kamalasnectar)

Long before the word “yoga” turned into a household word and became as popular as it is today, my teacher, Swami Satchidananda gave me the name Kamala. In Sanskrit the name Kamala means the lotus flower. In Vedic teachings Kamala is also the 10th of ten Wisdom Goddesses or Maha Vidya’s. Kamala bestows boons (blessings) to those who surround her. She is also the Goddess of Meditation. I was just under 18 years old when Swami Satchidananda blessed me with this gift. I have aspired to live up to the name ever since. Kamala’s Nectar is the healing gift that I offer to you. May you receive great benefit from the love and care of each infused product. May these products inspire you to go deeper into love, awareness and bliss. May we all hold the highest state of consciousness in spite of what the world flings at us. May you be blessed. 🙏🕉️🙏
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"Awaken your own mind, amass your own experience, and decide for yourself your own path." -Atharva Veda #lifequotes

This particular path in the gardens of our sister resort, @ayurvedagram, leads to the padipurra, the gateway where the previous owner, a maharaja, used to mount his elephant 🐘 Now, a quiet room for reflection, with a view.

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#meditationwithyashoda .
meditation takes our mind to the source of all creation and brings us directly in tune with the field of limitless life energy + vitality of our heart. the quality of kindness and delicacy of the heart develops when the heart begins to melt at the experience of bliss + inner contentedness of transcendental being. the heart becomes softer and then, by nature, all action flows in harmony with our circumstances as a means for this pure existence to be expressed. .
ғree ιnтro тo vedιc м e d ι т a т ι o n lecтυre
with SBTL cofounder @yashodadevima .
3/18, 5-6pм aт @thesubtlemind
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Boulder, CO 80302
clιcĸ lιnĸ ιn вιo тo ѕιgn υp .
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Nithyananda Swami (@nithyanandaswami)

When I say surrender, I mean wake up to the truth that you
are the ocean. When you are born, when you think you are an individual, or when you become enlightened, you are always the ocean. Waking up to this ultimate Truth is surrender.
Surrender these small ideas about yourself and wake up to reality. Otherwise you just play with the word surrender. We use inflated words when we define ourselves. We do not realize that we are beyond these descriptions.
One day a follower used exaggerated words about himself in front of me. After he left I told my disciple that he seemed to be suffering from an inferiority complex. I said, any estimation you have of yourself, except that you are God, is an under estimation!
Some fish swim along with the current. Others swim against the current. Whether they go with or against the current, all fish are in the water. Whether you flow with Existence or fight it, you are one with it. Whether or not you have realized you are Divine. You are Divine. There is no choice in this.
You can make only one choice, realize and enjoy or continue to struggle and suffer, that’s all! You may try to create stronger fences around yourself or collect more bubbles around you, but can you ask the wave not to come? Whatever you may do the whole thing is only a drama of a few seconds.
The next problem is what to do if you cannot surrender. Some people tell me, ‘Swamiji, I am unable to surrender. What can I do?’ Do not worry because you have nothing to surrender. By understanding that you have nothing to surrender, you have already surrendered. Just relax.
Whether you surrender or not, Existence will take care.
Automatically life continues and you will relax. That relaxation on itself is surrender. Relax into the flow of life & wake up to the truth that you are something greater that your body and mind as suggested by your senses. You are led by society to think that you are something.
Now wake up to the truth that you are greater than what you can imagine. Surrendering will give you a new consciousness. You will be a new being. When you receive this concept of surrender & work on it, you will wake up and give birth to yourself as an enlightened being.

numerologious (@numerologious)

Company Name: 1. Surya Ram #Maruti technical services private limited =1 in year 1970 =8
2.Maruti = 9
3.Maruti #Suzuki =7
4.Maruti Udyog Limited = 7
5.Suzuki Motor Corporation =5 (Joint venture) 6.Maruti Suzuki India Limited =5 (Current company name)
Former CEO/ Current Chairmen = R.C. Bhargava = 1 Birth Date : 30/07/1934 = 9 Joined Maruti 1981 = 1
Hatchback =3
India =3
Sedan =9

Industry Sector = Automobile =4

Type : Passenger Vehicles =5

Company Headquarters =New Delhi =1

Year of Establishment = 1981 =1

Year of Production = 1983 =3

Year of Highest Sale since birth = 2004=6

Sold tenth million vehicle in year February 2012=2+5=7

First Car =
1.Maruti Suzuki 800 = 6 Maruti 800 = 8

2.Maruti Suzuki Zen =6
Zen = 8

3.Maruti Suzuki Zen estilo =2 Zen estilo=4

4.Maruti Suzuki Esteem = 6
Esteem =8

5.Maruti Suzuki Wagon R = 4 Wagon R =6

6.Maruti Suzuki Omni =6 Omni =8

7.Maruti Suzuki Alto = 4 Alto =6

8.Maruti Suzuki Ritz =3 Ritz = 5

9.Maruti Suzuki Celerio =5 Celerio =7

10.Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza =1 Vitara Brezza =3

11.Maruti Suzuki Swift =2 Swift =4 Maruti Suzuki Swift VDi = 4

12.Maruti Suzuki Swift Dezire =8 Swift Dezire =1 Dezire = 6

13.Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara =1 Grand Vitara =3

14.Maruti Suzuki A Star =9 A star =2

15.Maruti Suzuki SX4 =2 Sx4 =4

16.Suzuki Kizashi = 3 Kizashi =5

17.Maruti Suzuki Versa =6 Versa = 8

Premium Dealership channel "Nexa" =8
Launch date - 23/07/2015= 2

18.Maruti Suzuki Baleno =3
Baleno =5

19.Maruti Suzuki S cross =9 S cross = 2

20.Maruti Suzuki Ignis = 2 Ignis =4

21.Maruti Suzuki Ciaz =9 Ciaz =2

22.Maruti Suzuki Gypsy =5
Gypsy =7

23.Maruti Suzuki Ertiga =5
Ertiga =7

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