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In my mind there is a lot of things to be said about this. Clearly, at the time this trade was made everyone including me thought that OKC just won the trade and ripped off the pacers. Paul George was the franchise player in Indiana for too long and he needed a break. But as the Oklahoma City Thunder are struggling at 12-13 there is a big question. Was it smart to bring in BOTH Carmelo Anthony And Paul George? I hate it when people say OKC has 3 ball dominant players because that is incorrect. Thhey only have 2. Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony are ball dominant. They need the ball to be effective. Paul George does not and has proven it this year as he leads the league in Steals and is playing the best out of these 3 players overall. No lets look at The Pacers. No One is Excepting too much from this Indiana team as they lost their franchise player. But they are doing so good it is ridicoulous. They are 6th in the eastern while OKC is 9th in the west. Have an 15-11 record with a record of 2-0 against the best team in the east Clevland. The main guy for this succes is Victor Oladipo. Victor is 100% the MIP for this season and in my opinion 7th or 8th in the MVP race. He is tearing it up down there. It is clear that last year Westbrook held this man back. Now he has freedom and is leading the Pacers to a better record than OKC. It is clear that James Harden Should have won MVP ladt year and this year is proving it. Sorfy for the inactivity will be posying more now.

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Laughter + beautiful places+ good friends + puppies. Doesn't quite heal all, but they sure help #hashtagblessed ❤️🐶

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Doing some patch up today under these old units.

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Tức giận 1 giờ = 6 giờ thức đêm, vì vậy nên ăn cơm thật ngon, ngủ cho đủ giấc, chăm chỉ kiếm tiền, thoải mái tiêu tiền, không vì người không đáng mà tức giận, không vì chuyện không đáng mà mất ngủ. Sống thì phải sống cho thật tốt, mỗi phút mỗi giây đều vì chính mình mà sống. #TCLN #Melb #Vic #2017 #Krystal #Dec

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Yo quiero... 🇪🇦
🇬🇧 I want the #medieval #market! There was a #festival of the middle Ages in the #Vic with #archery, #singing and #dancing. With #carousels, #knights and freshly baked bread. Have you ever been at the festival?:)
🇷🇺 Хочу средневековый #маркет! В городе #Вик прошел недельный #фестиваль Средневековья, со стрельбой из лука, песнями и танцами. С каруселями, рыцарями и свежевыпеченным хлебом. А вы были хоть раз на таком фестивале?:)
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