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Hi, my name is Maria Vacratsis and I am the Friday Feature for this week. As I write this, I am newly arrived on the extraordinary Adriatic island of Vis off the coast of Croatia to continue shooting the feature film Mamma Mia 2. We have been shooting the bulk of it at the historic Shepparton Studios in London. It’s quite the cool adventure. As exciting as it is, my heart still really belongs to working with young Canadian artists, particularly women, and that’s what I loved about working on Running With Violet. It was collaborative, inventive and having a story that has traditionally been the purview of men, told from a female perspective opens up a lot of new doors.

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Folsom Street Fair is Circuit Party , Bjork, Leonard Cohen, @bhadbhabie , and more on my NEW Best (and worst) This Week video. Watch video at link ⬆️ #video #bestvideo #BestThisWeek #MikeEnders #youtube #Youtuber #newmusic #Bjork #FolsomstreetFair

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The last few months have been amazing with the impact I've been able to make with writing/coaching for actors and I've continued to ask myself HOW CAN I HELP EVEN MORE? So what I want to do now is help actors film their self taped auditions. I'm excited to use my camera, microphones and lighting to give you the best self audition tape possible. I will also be coaching actors through their auditions so they can get the most authentic scene work possible. Nothing is worse than having a reader whose not engaged or "acting" along as you go through your lines. Lastly, I take pleasure in editing the audition and giving you the choice of coming to me or I'll come to you. It's super affordable considering everything that's being given! So if you're in the Greater Los Angeles Area and this is something you need or someone you know, inbox, email or text me! Looking forward to hearing from you :-) Cheers! #actor #actress #acting #audition #auditioning #casting #selftape #casting #video #drama #actorslife #actorinla #actors #teach #wisdom #shaungrantacting #sharemypassion #vibrationalacting #IAMSRG ❤️

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Happy FRIYAY!!!! Do something FUN and ADVENTUROUS this weekend!!!! And if you haven't already check out my latest BLOG post and VLOG for all things Goat Yoga!🐐⬆️click the link in my Bio⬆️OR head to

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Hyped for y'all to see some new shit I've been prepping for! Just know when you don't see anything on the gram I ain't doing nothin in the background!!!!