Ashley CastaΓ±eda (@ashleytothepashley)

Just finished #wod4wheels last weekend with my incredible partner @shelby_j2012. The whole day was amazing, and seeing @cfthunderdome support adaptive athletes so passionately was so heart warming. These athletes put in their all and it's inspiring, and the true spirit of crossfit. Lately I've been happy with the progress I've made in the box - handstands, pull ups, PR's, RXing essentially every WOD. Food, however has been my vice. I haven't consistently counted macros in weeks, and I feel it. It's time to grab my discipline by the throat and get some real work done. Today I bumped up my protein to 150g and I'm psyched to see what will happen. I'm always nervous about adjusting my macro count, but I know when I count consistently things happen. My bff and cf partner Amanda (Warrior Princess) and I have big goals. We've been working so hard, and it's awesome to finally have a workout babe that wants to put in work. She has given me the gas needed to keep grinding to my ridiculous goals that seem unreachable at times. Stay tuned. 🎢Just can't worry about no haters gotta stay on my grind🎢 #vegansofig #veganfitness #veganprotein #plantbased #plantbasedpower #plantbasedmuscle #meatfreeathlete #nomeatathlete #notyourbabe #fitfam #fattofit #iifym #macros #hardcoreherbivore #happyherbivore #thickthighs #girlswholift #crossfitrxd #creepinitreal #crossfit #allgirlliftingteam #effyourbeautystandards #poweredbyplants #plantbased #girlsofcrossfit #killerbabeclub

Jacqueline (@j.bellows05)

As always had a blast volunteering at #wod4wheels this weekend and watching everyone compete..always good to see old friends and meet new ones. Congrats to everyone that competed and placed! πŸ’ͺπŸ†πŸ‹οΈοΈβ€β™€οΈβ™ΏοΈ #crossfit #adaptiveathletes

Aly Marie 🌻 (@aly_jajd)

Saturday recap: WOD4Wheels competition was great! It was my first time competing as an amputee. I've done other competitions before but this particular one was awesome, because I was able to do all the WODs as prescribed. All three wods were fun to do but I enjoyed the last one most, 21 15 9 dumbbell snatches with 1 15ft sled pull in between. Although I did good in the second wod it was the most challenging because I really dislike the assault bike. Thank you @cfredefined For putting on a great competition. Thanks to the judge I had for all 3 wods who was very encouraging and made it feel easier than what it was. Big thank you to all who came out to support me and to the ones who could not make it too, y'all awesome! Last but not least my box @crossfitequality this win for me would not be possible without this box. @crossfitequality has always made me feel at home and has since helped me reach many of my fitness goals thus far, so thank you. #wod4wheels #wod4wheels2017 #adaptiveathlete #amputee #crossfit #crossfitequality #supportivecommunity #youareyouronlylimit #rowingsucks #youcanseeitinmyface

D B N R (@disabledbutnotreally)

This weekend the 5th annual Wod 4 Wheels competition was held in Houston Tx. It was every bit of amazing.
The @wod4wheels adaptive & able body Athlete completion is a fun one. It's purpose is to raise awareness for adaptive athletes and bring the community together.
In January 2018 The Disabled but not Really Foundation would like to sponsor four athletes that want to pursue there fitness journey. It's called the #Helpmefitchallenge at the end of this challenge we will send the four athletes to the Wod 4 Wheels competition to compete against other athletes just like themselves.

If you would like to be involved please go to for more information
#adaptiveathlete #adaptivecrossfit #disabledbutnotreally #atf #ificanucantu #wod4wheels #paraplegic #quadraplegic #amputee #spinalcordinjury #disabledcommunity #disabledsports #helpmefitchallenge #noexcuses #fitnessmotivation #crossfit #reebok

E A D O F I T N E S S (@eado_fitness)

Dance moves all over the place with Corey from @kinetickidstx and DJ/MC Shahin @shahinnaghavi with the epic dab dab dab!

#wod4wheels @wod4wheels #eado #crossfit #houston

Trevor "Goldfish" Battah 🐑 (@bagggz)

Highlights from me and @b1ghungry heats yesterday at @wod4wheels Can't thank you enough for entering the pain cave with me and throwing down. Also thanks to everybody that participated and made this awesome comp happen. @cfredefined @crossfiteado @wod4wheels @angel_cfredefined @pitbullruhl #authoratativeaf #professionalshirts #overthetop #wod4wheels

Trevor "Goldfish" Battah 🐑 (@bagggz)

Some highlights from @wod4wheels today. Super dope competition. So happy to be a part of this amazing comp and all for a great cause. Lookout for the highlight video of all of me and @b1ghungry (AKA "Street") heats tomorrow. @redefined_fit @angel_cfredefined @ificanucantu @iamweshamilton @disabledbutnotreally @pitbullruhl @crossfiteado #wod4wheels #wheelinoutdoors #overthetop #compete

Bree Gilbert🌸 (@belovedbreezy)

First (& def not last) Crossfit competition is in the books!!! πŸ‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ‹πŸΌ Shoutout to Chris for being the best partner, and to all those who came out to cheer us on ❀️ #WOD4Wheels #strongisbeautiful #icandoallthings #epsomsaltwhereyouatttt

Lawrence Green (@legless_wanderer88)

First ever Crossfit competition #wod4wheels @crossfiteado and got 1st place πŸ₯‡ thanks to the help of some badass trainers getting me ready @big_adventures @hactrain @talonwsmith @adaptivetrainingfoundation @crossfitl3 Ready for the next adventure #crossfit #wod #athlete #adaptiveathlete #stayfit #fitness #nolimits #followyourbliss

Vanessa Cantu (@ificanucantu)

What an amazing day at my favorite competition for so many reasons #wod4wheels! After a few months of laying low it was fun to feel myself push it hard again. So proud of @legless_wanderer88 placing first in his first crossfit competition and @tui.malila for placing as well! TEAM ATF repped for sure! @hactrain thank you and it was a blast watching you and @jackie_rose85 throw down. Hung with the guys and placed third ! Busy schedule from here through Jan and this was a great kick start! #ificanyoucantu #wod4wheels #familytime #teamATF

Josef Rosas (@joro92)

Mmmmaaaannnnn ol man! What an awesome event and 1st competition! I had such a blast competing along side members / teammates from @cfthunderdome . For sure though a shoutout to my partner who worked her ass off and it showed @ihartwrestling so proud to push along side of you and for us to place 3rd overall!!!! So happy and blessed my little big brother came out to support me, it was great to have him there cheering me on! And most definitely my wife @feliciakristine_ seeing you on the side rooting us on with Laynie was inspiration at best! My goal is to always stay strong mentally and physically for you both! I love you so so much thank you again for being my biggest fan and supporter! Thank you @crossfiteado for hosting such an amazing event and giving us the opportunity to show our hard work and progress! Until next time!

Larry Hill (@lhill_88)

Had a good time for a great cause. Thanks to @courtney_lynn7 we were able to pull a 1st place out of our azzπŸ’ͺ🏿. #wod4wheels #crossfit

Trevor "Goldfish" Battah 🐑 (@bagggz)

@wod4wheels done! Had an absolute blast. Super thankful for my totally awesome teammate @b1ghungry and our super dope shirts. #wod4wheels #overthetop #flexedupbeyondallrecognition

Clancy Nelson (@clancynelson)

I only wanted to get a video of this dude because he had a "Think Skateboards" neck tattoo. No other reason... #thinkskateboards #adaptivecrossfit #wod4wheels2017 #wod4wheels #getinspired #volunteer