Willfred Peña (@will.grayson_)

I don't collect POPs! But I could not pass up the opportunity to get this little gem I'd never seen before. It looks so freaking cool ! Might have to start collecting...#watchoutspiderman #taskmaster #copycat #masterofdisguise #lookoutavengers @jonschnepp

Sean Brady (@seanbradyperformance)

Can't wait for more of this tomorrow! Going to make climbing a weekly thing. It was my first time last week & I loved it! #WatchOutSpiderMan

Niamh Algar (@niamh_algar)

It doesn't get much more graceful than this. 😂😂😂 #watchoutspiderman #adventure #climbingwall

Harshit Agarwal (@coolagarwal.agarwal)

It seems Hrehaan Roshan is following the footsteps of his superstar father, Hrithik Roshan. The kid, who is growing fast these days, was clicked doing somersaults on a trampoline by his mother Sussane Khan, who shared the video on Instagram. The proud mom captioned the video, “My tough rubber band ray❤️ #gymnastinthehouse #watchoutspiderman.” Well, we are not surprised since he is the son of the Indian superhero, Krrish. The actor is currently busy shooting his hugely awaited period flick, ‘Mohenjo Daro’. Watch the video here. While Hrehaan is certainly one star kid to watch out for, click the following slide to know about other such star kiddos…

Trevor McQueeney (@trey_mac5)

Captain Colorado and the Hulk were fighting crime side by side today and kicking ass in a 5K. There might be a new avenger. And a big thank you to @headsweats for the awesome Colorado hat with helping me fight crime. #WatchOutSpiderMan #Superhero5k #PatrickWasNotInThisPic #NotCropped #headsweatyselfie #Headsweats

Kevin Schmelzlen (@kevinschmelzlen)

2nd case this week. I'm basically a lizard-man #watchoutspiderman #organic #protein #3aday