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It's time to make your BIG moves and get out of your comfort zone. Don't let your insecurities, self-doubt or fear stop you from going for whatever you want to achieve. You can either make moves or excuses. Make moves NOW and you'll achieve more than you ever thought possible. 🖤 #LivetheFabulous

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Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence. ~ Sheryl Sandberg #leadership #success #impact #womeninbusiness #jmt #bebetter #women #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #womenpower #werisebyliftingothers #success #commitment #consistency

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😉😉 Descubre lo último en Accesorios y las nuevas tendencias para esta temporada.. Diseños y estilos espectaculares creados por los mejores diseñadores y orfebres venezolanos👏👏
Te esperamos en nuestras tiendas Bijouxollections en el nivel C1 del CCCT Caracas, Sambil Paraguana, entrada adicora local 13 y Sambil Valencia, nivel feria, local F56...👌👌....

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🇺🇸F&F Designs is launching the Fay Salgado men’s candle collection at the Super Bowl kicking off at the SaksOFF5TH on January 31st and NFL live Sirius radio with my friend and partner Fay Salgado and myself supporting the Challenge Athlete Foundation. 🇻🇪 F&F Designs comienza el lanzamiento de su colección Fay Salgado men’s candle Collection en el Super Bowl que tendrá lugar en SaksOFF5TH el 31 de Enero y NFL live Sirius Radio con mi socia y amiga Fay Salgado y mi persona apoyando a la fundación Challenge Athlete Foundation. #womenpower #mujereslatinas

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#sotrue #WillkommeninderGesellschaft "Guck mal wie sie lacht damit jeder sie anguckt"

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👬 Create networking opportunities with a photo booth! There is a good chance 👍🏼 that the guests attending your event aren’t going to know each other. If you want to encourage them to interact and mingle, what better way to do it than with a photo booth rental? 💡 #kouturemoment

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Stay tuned tomorrow morning for more updates! Stay safe in the ❄️, #HSMFamily 😘

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I have always deeply admired the Afghan culture and carry a small understanding of the few of issues facing their people. We all look to stories to try to make sense of what is going on inside of us and the world we live in. The Breadwinner, is one rooted with a significant lesson - that the idea of transformation, even the smallest of actions or words coupled with faith, have the potential to become a catalyst for big change. This honest film beautifully captures the realities of Afghan's complex history and reminds us of the importance of storytelling. It deconstructs implications of orientalism and tells a story of people whose lives are challenging and different from ours but not devalued. Undaunted by the array of forces against her family and the horrors of war around them, our female hero Parvana, is the uttermost symbol of the human spirit's strength through the power of relationships, courage and hope. Prosperity is relative to their situations but her dedication in retaining their humanity is steadfast despite all odds. This film awakens us to the experience of many girls whose identities are vulnerable and how many of them are subjected to oppression and its consequences. Tears, laughs, honour and love - you will feel it all in this special piece of art. 🙏🏾💚🧕🏽👑 🇦🇫 @thebreadwinnermovie @telefilm_canada @gurustudioto @elevation_pics #noratwomey #deborahellis #thebreadwinner #film #cinema #afghan #storytellers #angelinajolie #animation #visuals #tiff #nominations #canadiancinema #civilrights #education #humanity #easternculture #womensrights #culture #awareness #strength #investinourgirls #afghanistan #hope #artistry #womenpower

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#JWCIAUX Cancer Fighting Food Tip: Avocados!
Did you know that, aside from being one of our all-time-favorite fruits, avocados contain vital antioxidants an phytochemicals that can inhibit the growth of cancers including prostate, breast, and oral cancers? They also combat acute myeloid leukemia (a rare and deadly form of cancer) due to Avocatin B, a type of fat found within them.
We know guac is extra, but it’s definitely worth the hype! 😜🥑 | #jwciaux

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Business partners, #BadAssLadyBosses, cousins and best friends. 💙 Tag your partner-in-crime below! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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That moment when you’re weeping into your salad at Whole Foods after watching a documentary about a terrific kid with cerebral palsy for social work school . And even though you’d probably rather be drawing in your cozy apartment, you’re really glad you watched the documentary, because beauty is everywhere and there is more magic in unexpected places than obvious ones, and you decide you really like social work and want to shout your voice hoarse with love for those sparkly people who have been made to feel less :) and then you think of humpback whales and you weep all over again. (I painted this in China, before I knew how to draw whales)
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Check @thefemalehustlers.academy for more business lessons 👩🏻🎓👩🏾🎓👩🏼🎓👩🏽🎓

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Great jamming at @buddyguys last night and meeting Buddy's son Greg. It was the perfect way to prepare for my show tonight, 1/16 at @elboroomlive. Doors at 8pm, see y'all there!

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A NEW MOON TAROT READING 🌑 for your Home: Capricorn Vibes in your Space, January 16, 2018
By Meghan Wallace James 🌑
As I was shuffling the deck, the upright Ten of Cups jumped out at me. This is one of two classic cards of union — with self, with family, with a beloved. Good sign.
Then I laid out cards to align with the bagua — a feng shui floor plan map. The messaging is clear: focus on the left side of your home during this lunar cycle. Upon entering your front door, head left: the zones of WISDOM, FAMILY & ABUNDANCE live here — from front to back — all necessary components in union.
You likely have home improvement projects that your intuition has been nagging you to address. Clean and clear the clutter; that’s the most important. Wipe down the windows and let some fresh air in. Reupholster that sad piece of furniture. Buy a plant to put in the back left corner of the home, a plant with expansive energy and large, healthy green leaves.
WISDOM: you are not tapping into one of your essential gifts. Maybe this ability / talent seems too weird to you, or something hard to monetize. Stop analyzing and embrace and incorporate this gift now. It may feel ordinary to you, but to your waiting clients, it’s extraordinary.
FAMILY: find refuge; allow yourself to take an energetic pause. Perhaps there’s some family drama unfolding. You can support from the sidelines on this one. Hold back to protect your vitality; you cannot give when you are worn down.
ABUNDANCE: meditate on where codependency has you entrapped. A budding addiction, a toxic relationship, a job you abhor but are too scared to quit... Free yourself from the invisible chains, or the Universe will take up matters. You can do it now with haste and grace, or, wait for a crash.
In the center of the spread we find the second classic card of union, yet reversed: the Four of Wands. Love on your home, aligning the entire left hand side of your space, to magnify self love and acceptance, which is completely irresistible and feels mighty nice.
Connect with Meghan’s new feng shui design consultancy @aftersaturdaycomes, and her single mama life @mother.suns 🌚 Photo by @ronanksm