Donte. (@link566)

Northside to Southside back to Northside everyday 🤙🏻 #yeg

Dayna Arsenault 💖 (@darsenau)

... I just hit my one year mark that I have been settled here in Ottawa.

I left Edmonton feeling sad, slightly lonely, stressed and just plain not my "sparkliest" self. I'm not sure I even knew this, at the time.
But little did I know, better days were on the horizon.
It has been one year since I have accepted a new job, created a new home, made more trips to pei, met many new lifetime friends, and overall enjoyed life more.
I also can't forget, I met the love of my life, the one that I call my best friend, my heart and my unicorn 🦄@jerstl
I strongly feel everything happens for a reason; thank you for that reason, Ottawa; I have never felt "sparklier". 💜💜🙋🏼
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Monday morning inspiration. 😎 Happy Family day! 💗

Spencer Skjaveland (@spencerskj)

Come onnnnnnn spring breakup🌼🌹

sarah zrein 🌺 (@sarahezrein)

I wanna be where the mountains are.🏔️
Where’s your favourite place to go?

Jeff Leaks (@leaksfit780)

Fresh out the gym, 5am appearance doing what it does!! 💯 #Leaks #yeg #fitness #gym #gains #motivation #motivated #goals

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Happy Family Day! We are closed today. See you Tuesday!

Tom Rae (@tom.rae)

For a Monday morning in February? Not half bad.

Brad (@bcrmobilemaintenance)

Yet another rotten side skirt.... Maybe one day they'll realize plywood isn't the best material we could be using!?!? What material would you use in an environment that see's all the elements?? I thought maybe EPDM. It might be a bit heavier, but it definately wouldn't rot!

Down The Aisle (@downtheaislewithatp)

📢Meet your Wedding Specialist 📢
🌸1) What is your favorite part of a wedding? My favorite part of a wedding is dropping off the bride’s bouquet and seeing the excitement and nervousness she is feeling and having that quick little chat of encouragement with her. Seeing her face light up when I present her bouquet to her, feeling honored that I was given a role in one of the most sacred days of her life. Sharing a moment in one of life’s many seasons.
🌸2) What is the 1 piece of advice that you would give to a couple planning their wedding? One piece of advice I would give to a couple planning their wedding is to give reliable people, who are outside of the wedding party and immediate family (I would highly suggest a wedding coordinator), the job of moving any décor/flowers from the ceremony site to the reception venue. Make sure, as well, that someone besides the bride is making sure her bouquet is hydrated throughout the reception and overnight, as it is pertinent to the preservation process to have LIVE flowers.
🌸3) What makes you stand out above the crowd in the wedding industry?
What makes me stand out above the crowd in the wedding industry is that I have discovered a way to build a tangible set of lasting memories for the newly married couple. Through bouquet preservation, I can keep your wedding day alive for years to come. The couple will gaze at their custom keepsake and remember their love and commitment they promised to each other and the dreamy details of their wedding day.

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Monday day shift... happy family day everyone! Some of us have to work today. #familyday #yeg #cpo #dayshift #ballisticvest #monday #whatlongweekend #yeggers