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I'm so in love with life and all it's Magic.
I feel it all around me, everywhere I go and in everything I see.
The more I open myself to it, the more it reveals itself.
It's right there, and there! Within me and all around me. In the people that show up in my world to either support me on my path or allow me to support them, in the ongoing synchronistic unfolding that leads me exactly where I want to go, in the endless abundance that comes my way, in the love that I'm surrounded by daily, in the creativity that emerges from my soul and in the powerful force that allows me to surrender to the unknown and fully trust the magical unfolding that never disappoints.

My magical friends,
YOU ARE MAGIC!! And I'm so excited to be back.
I've spent a year indulging in the sweet manifestations of my world, learning more about myself, about what I want and about the works of this beautiful universe and now the magic guides me back to you, where I get to share all of this goodness with the world and empower you to see the magic all around you and allow yourself to be guided by source at all times.

Magic is as real as you believe it to be ❤️ I love you..

Shiran Turgeman (@shiran_tur)

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MTone Yahli (@augedesyahlis)

Eine echt schöne Erinnerung. Ein Bild von der Letzten Session für Mantra. Bin echt Stolz auf das was Jay und ich geleistet haben.Es ist interessant wie intensiv man jemandem kennenlernt wenn man gemeinsam Kreativ ist.Ein krasser Künstler und Produzent. Und ein Hammer Mensch.💪🎶#Yahli #mantra #deutschrap #rap #music #genre #smile #selfie #song #songs #melody #hiphop #rnb #pop #love #rap #dubstep #newsong #fitness #friends#photooftheday

Aharon Alfasi (@alfasi10)

All I need is love!