Pt. 265
"I told you this dress was a bad idea," I mumbled to Harry as we shuffled our way through the doors of the event we were attending. We'd decided to show up last minute to support Kendall and now I was regretting it. "You look fine, stop worrying," he mumbled back, kissing my temple, sliding his hand to the small of my back. "It's too low, I feel like my ass is hanging out." He peered behind me, coming back up, shaking his head. "Babe, you look stunning and nothing is happening back there that I don't appreciate," he grinned from ear to ear. I elbowed him, slightly annoyed that I listened to him and put on this dress instead of the one I had already picked out. "Besides, it's your body, you're not hurting anyone," he shrugged, "Who cares, just have fun." I inhaled deeply, agreeing with him. I was worrying way too much over a damn dress when I was supposed to be supporting my best friend just as she always supported me.
Harry's POV
The night dragged on, the seconds passing like hours. As much as I wanted to be there for Kendall as she always was there for us, all I wanted to do was take advantage of our parents watching over the kids and take Y/N back to my apartment. Or, our apartment. The last few days while the kids were at school, she'd come over with the intention of helping me pack, but we always ended up fucking on some piece of furniture, a wall or the floor itself. We never quite made it to my bedroom. The only thing that ever stopped us was having to pick up the kids once school was over. Tonight's dress choice was my idea. Yes, it was revealing and I knew people would stare, but I wanted her to wear it for my own selfish reasons and I could tell she wanted to, she was just too nervous. She had all eyes on her, men approached her as she spoke with her friends and I kept my distance with mine. At first, I chuckled to myself, watching as she turned every offer to grab a drink or go to the dance floor, away. It was an ego boost to know that no matter how many times she'd be asked out, she'd always decline. After a few more minutes, I made my way to her, watching her face flush with relief. (Continues below).

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