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No short cuts needed, effort brings satisfaction 💪

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Hi babes! I’ve noticed that these “do this:not that”-videos within fitness is getting extremely popular. I just want you (those I care about), to be careful with who you put your trust in. When something (like this) gets popular everyone wants to do their own version of it, some good - some not so good - some plain crazy 😠 For example; I’ve seen this particular exercise 👆👆👆 being used as an example of how to perform it and how NOT to perform it and in fact they’re both right - the “wrong” one is actually even better in some cases.
🖤 Split squat with straight back - there’s no reason to have your back this straight in this exercise. By putting your leg up behind you force your pelvic to tilt forward and creates a unnatural lordotic curve in the bottom position. This is not wrong, but for people who have a natural curved back this might not be the best option.
🖤 Split Squat with neutral back leaning forward - To have your back in this position in this exercise is NOT strenuous on your back. What it does is creating a more natural angle for your discs. So no, this is NOT dangerous. Same exercise slightly different performance. For me, this is the go-to form 100%. This technique can also be applied to your squats. If you look at your squat form you will see that you do lean forward (some less some more but everyone leans forward) otherwise you would fall on your butt. ☺️
Pleaseeee be careful when you apply these “rights/wrongs” to your workouts. I do have an Personal Trainer license yet still, I ALWAYS discuss all my posts with at least one other person with more knowledge/education regarding human anatomy then I do because I care about you more than views. 💕 Song; Post Malone - White Iverson Made Monster Remix
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You know your old when Sunday Funday actually means bed + food. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Tag a photographer / videographer based in Houston who does excellent work. I need that work 🤳

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Ok, last post for today.....Don't EVER let anyone make you feel ashamed for wanting to show off something you worked hard for. I work my ass off to keep myself in shape and I'm damn proud of it. #abs #fit #aesthetics #physique #exercise #fitness #motivation #workhard


Meal Prep - Part 1: By now you’ve read my posts talking about the importance of diet to your fitness goals. And there’s no better way to control your caloric intake than prepping your weekly food ahead of time. On Sunday’s I spend about 1 hour prepping which means I brown about 3lbs of ground turkey, bake 2-3 lbs of chicken breasts and make a low fat tuna salad. I’ll then make a big batch of white rice, cut up romaine lettuce and shred low fat cheese. And then for at least 2 of my daily meals I’ll have the following: 1/2 cup white rice, 6oz of turkey or chicken, 1oz low fat cheese and 2 tablespoons of salsa which is about 470 calories and packed with protein. I eat about every 3 hours to keep my metabolism up and my blood sugar regulated. Planning your eating out takes the guesswork out and keeps you from making bad choices (which happens when you’re hungry and didn’t bring food). Let me know what you do!
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