Chieko Shimizu Fujioka (@csfglassworks)

Nowadays I love working at night🌙Not for colors but for glasses. It’s different kind of concentration. So quiet & calm.

Catherine Hiller (@catherinehiller_art)

Just finished this commission for a lovely client - thank you Linda for trusting me with a piece of artwork for your new home! 😊

Luc Sokolsky (@luc_likes)

Presented chronologically, my standout works by Robert Rauschenberg in a retrospective that was much more usual feast than thoughtful analysis. .
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Giovanni Jose (@g.ribovision)

It took you betting it all on the dream. To trust in the process to achieve greater meaning.
Maybe one of the only pictures I took during a period of evening conversations with #bjlasponas. Shot of his early work while based on the West Coast before moving East. I was less than a year into architecture school then. At the time, the city didn’t know nor seem to care that a budding sculptor was building up momentum to leave the Bay Area to NYC. And I was just beginning to design.
An outlier artist without a doubt. Fortunate lessons. Invisible histories. Bronze. Vallejo, 2011. #tbt

Isabella Young (@izzy_marissa)

Celebrating this wonderful soul @sara_dajani ✨

iraj shayestepour (@irajshayestepour)

انباشتن آنچه که عقاید جاری ما را برای حفظ یک زندگی درست ملکه فکر کرده است...بیشتر تایید چیزهایی ست که ذاتا مارا مفتون خویش نکرده،بلکه باعث شده بی تفکر پیروی اندیشه هایی باشیم که فکر میکنیم دوام حیاتمان به آنها بستگی دارد..که بر عکس نابودی تدریجی مارا به همراه دارد.... 3 فروردین 1397
ایرج شایسته پور
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Daniel Gomez Artist (@danielgomezartist)

Geometric Series🔹Watercolor (4in x 12in) DM/Email to purchase.
The creative process for this piece was one where I followed my intuition, as with most of my abstract work. I first planned out the shapes and went with whatever triangle felt right for each empty space on the paper. And with choosing the colors, I simply picked my favorite colors and painted each triangle according to what felt cohesive to me in that moment. The feeling of painting something so concrete in a way as far as staying in the lines yet abstract is one to behold for me. This is why I started this new Geometric Series. One of the many series in progress. Enjoy! :-)
Materials: L'Aquarelle @cansonpaper_northamerica Heritage Watercolor Paper Rough, @holbeinartistmaterials Watercolors, Black Velvet Silver Brush