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I pots in color or BnW. There’s no in btw.

श्रेयसी सिन्हा रॉय (@interwoven_paradox)

Bun on point. I so wish your life would be as perfect and pretty as that of my bun atleast ! XD
FORTUNATELY OR UNFORTUNATELY you don't know how to enjoy the little things ... or know to get the pleasure of being a human ..cuz you don't have the balls to manifesting yourself ..as you gotta hold on your reputation. Cuz dude you are too fake to be real. You are too coward to be transient . God! your frustration level is so high that just in order to get relief you ruin others life ... can you say what good are wings if you don't have courage to fly?
You are too sick to be vulnerable and be an open book ..aha your bunch of EGO ! Atleast you could use your ego properly in a right way. You just know to pretend that also fear tick- tocks on your throat,so you keep changing like season .. and your words ! If you go to sell your words in the market I WONDER THEY WOULD PAY You A SINGLE PENNEY ,Cuz CAMELION s ARE the most worthless creatures i believe . I PITY you buddy cuz you don't even have the guts to speak your heart , the one who can't even speak heart out toh how can that person follow the heart . ONLY THING YOUR HAVE LEARNT IS TO RUE , And m pretty sure that's the only thing you'll keep on doing till your last day ..... . I wish you had a single thing as perfect as that of my bun atleast ....you could boast buddy .

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Erik Spehn (@erik.spehn)

ES, Ghost Painting #09, 2018, acrylic on muslin on panel, 12 x 12 inches