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Consigue en #Farmatendencia #AcidMantle es un producto cosmético indicado como coadyuvante al tratamiento de eczemas agudos, úlceras, heridas, #dermatitis de contacto, etc. Actúa como #suavizante, #hidratante y #emoliente.

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🌻These are some things that I've noticed have helped to decrease my breakouts.
⭕️Change your pillow cases.
When we sleep, sweat and oil from our skin and hair transfers onto our pillowcases. If they aren't changed regularly, all this dirt gets transferred back onto the skin and then breakouts occur. Ideally I try to change my pillowcases twice a week.
⭕️Dry your face with a clean washcloth.
Damp towels can harbor bacteria if not changed frequently. I keep a designated washcloth and avoid using any hand towels on my face. I change this washcloth twice a week. Also I use a separate washcloth to dry my face after getting out of the shower.
🚫Don't pop your pimples.
I know this is the most tempting thing to do and I admit, I give in to the temptation once in a while. However, this will only leave you with scabs, hyperpigmentation, or possibly scars. It can also cause more inflammation or an infection.
🚫Don't touch your face.
Our hands have a lot of bacteria on them from touching everyday objects. You don't want that transferred to your face.
🚫Don't spray perfume on the neck.
Many perfumes are alcohol based with synthetic fragrances. This can irritate the skin where it is sprayed and lead to breakouts. I have personally experienced this. When I was spraying perfume on my neck, I noticed that I was getting deep cystic breakouts along my jawline.
🚫Don't over-wash your face.
Your skin should never feel tight and dry after cleansing. Look for cleansers with a pH of 4.5-5.5 because the top protective layer of our skin (acid mantle) is naturally at this pH range (@goalstogetglowing does great posts on pH testing of cleansers). Overusing devices such as the Clarisonic can also lead to disruption of the acid mantle. Therefore, you want to try to limit their use to only several times a week.
*I'll have another post coming up on more about the acid mantle*🌻
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Tenemos disponible #acidmantle en crema

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Acidificador dérmico.

Indicaciones: para restablecer y mantener el manto ácido protector de la piel, evita la piel seca, y las infecciones brindándole a la piel el pH idóneo para protegerla de las múltiples agresiones del medio ambiente, manteniendo la piel lubricada, humectada y elástica.

Presentación: tubo con 20 g crema para áreas especificas.

Mayor información sólo al 0261-7594928.

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Did you know... your skin has a protective layer called your acid mantle. This layer is made up of oil and fatty acids which help to waterproof the skin and keep cells tight and flat - protecting you from the elements like wind, cold and water. Also making it harder for bacteria and other microbes to get a toe-hold in your skin. Ingredients such as detergents and alcohol can strip this natural protective barrier so be sure to steer clear of them in your beauty products! 🌼#beautiful #skin #skinfact #skincare #acidmantle #flawless

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#AcidMantle restaura y mantiene el PH de la piel disponible!!

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The two significant environmental concerns in managing skin health are pollution and sun damage. For this there is no treasure like fresh, live probiotic-rich organic yogurt that has never been heated and knows nothing of a lab ready to process, denature, concentrate, and reformat it down to size for an industry focused on a long shelf life and a more is more is more approach. Our skin has its own microbiome, and is a living breathing organ in the here and now. Delicate Flora form one of the skin's greatest assets--the acid mantle. When skin care respects the acid mantle and is fresh and filled with probiotics from live, organic yogurt, there are benefits to reap. Moisturizing and pore tightening, fresh yogurt also has lactic acids that gently exfoliate the skin, sloughing off layers of dead skin cells, softening fine Lines, controlling acne, and countering the effects of pollution, which lead to free radical damage and prematurely aged skin. Lactic acids improve skin hydration and texture, promoting skin barrier integrity and evening out and brightening skin tone. Overzealous alpha hydroxy application (fresh yogurt isn't a culprit here, it is too gentle) can leave the skin more susceptible to sun damage. Fresh yogurt, full of zinc, calcium, and protein cools and soothes skin. Probiotics help reestablish the pH balance of skin and promote healing--again nourishing the skin's acid mantle. In the long term, probiotic care softens the effect of the aging process on the skin. At Balbec, fresh yogurt began as an implausible dream ingredient. It is now a ⭐️ in our Clay and Yogurt Cleansers-softening, caring for, and nourishing our customers' skin the way nothing else can in quite the same way. Please relax, enjoy, and refrigerate! ☺️ #beauty #skinhealth #microbiome #lessismore #acidmantle #greenbeauty #greenskincare #slowbeauty #lessismore #moisturize #cleanse #skinhealth #cleanbeauty #ecobeauty #skinprotection #suncare #sundamage #lacticacids #neverheated #real #cleanse #mask #organic #fresh #skincare #skincareroutine #probiotics #star #ingredient #skinfood #treasure #dahi #yaourt

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🔬The skin is our largest organ and secretes a blend of oils, enzymes, acids, and water. This forms a moisture barrier that is slightly acidic (pH of ~5.5), also known as the acid mantle. Over exfoliating (chemically or physically), heavy retinoid use, and high pH cleansers can all contribute to disrupting the moisture barrier
Here are some ingredients that can help repair said moisture barrier. 💦 Hydration in the form of humectants (glycerin, hyaluronic acids) and occlusives (moisturizers). 🛢️ Adding oil back to the skin by topically applying oils. 💥 Lipids such as ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol 🔬
How do I know my moisture barrier is compromised? When my normally oily/combination skin gets dry peeling patches, and stinging when applying products that normally would never sting.
The culprit this time was over exfoliating with @paulaschoice 4% BHA 😱
And these are the products I use to help build my moisture barrier back up.
Use a low pH cleanser, no acids, and always SPF.
@hadalabotokyo Goku-jyun Clear Lotion
@cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
@physicansformula 100% Argan Oil
@stratiaskin Liquid Gold
#BeautyofJoseon Cream
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After some research into my more specific skin issues, I've updated my Korean inspired skin care regimen. My products for oily/dehydrated skin are:

#Viva naturals organic argan oil
#CeraVe foaming facial cleanser
#MUAC mandelic acid toner
#TheOrdinary salicylic acid serum
#Andalou naturals 1000 roses toner
#Mizon mela defense white capsule #essence
The Ordinary caffeine solution
Mirenesse superstar eye serum
The Ordinary hyaluronic acid
Mizon water volume aqua gel cream
The Ordinary squalane
#Neutrogena clear face spf

I believe it takes about 2 weeks to repair the moisture barrier, so we'll see if this pays off!
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