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Dear #businesschicks 🤔 It looks like we have a long way to go when it takes Australia Post a scandal and 208 years before it can appoint its first female CEO... And that's before we talk about the salary cut she took! 🤐

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Favorite part of flying is the clouds!
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'Dangerous Woman..'
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Ask us how to book your next shoot!
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He said "Do something with your arms" so I did this. No? Not good?

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Online video auditions for ABC. $25,000 deal 👀😳😓 ABC is now holding online auditions for what they call “fresh voices and original faces.” Email: for more info #ABC #aspiringactor #BrandingKingz #LDAC #LeeDavisAndAssociates
ABC Discovers is holding an online open casting call looking to discover actors across the country who are capable of bringing characters to life. The talent competition is open to actors nationwide and have 4 categories, female drama, female comedy, male drama and male comedy. ABC has created an online video audition process by which actors may submit to hopefully catch the eye of an ABC casting executive.
ABC has made the scripts available online which they would like actors to download and video themselves performing off the script. Actors interested are asked to download either the drama or comedy script, create a short video that is no longer than 5 minutes in length and then upload their video audition. They are also asking that actors start the video off with a short introduction in which they state their name, their location and answer the question “One thing I would like you to know about me is…” Details and the script to perform may be found here.
Actors are only being allowed 1 submission per person and luckily there are about 13 days left to get that submission perfected. Actors are able to send in their video audition for the next 2 weeks or so. The casting call just started today and the deadline to get those video submissions in is July the 9th. This is a competition and the winning actor will get a 1 year talent deal with ABC. IF YOU’RE AN ASPIRING ACTOR, THEN WE’RE LOOKING FOR YOU!
ABC Talent and Casting is looking for fresh voices and original faces for ABC Entertainment and ABC Studios scripted programming.
Enter now for the opportunity to win a $25,000 one year talent deal with ABC.
The Digital Talent competition aims to discover and champion actors who may not have had the opportunity to be seen yet by a team of professional casting executives. At its core, it’s about access and opportunity for actors.

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Great day for Street Shaunanagans lunch with friends style!!! Our little brother from Cali @mattydee03 came to visit us in NYC! We had ourselves a mini Rock of Ages reunion!! We love ❤️ you Matty dee .... got eeeem ! #shaunanagans #lunchshaunanagans #streetshaunanagans #therealshaunanagans #originalshaunanagans #theoriginalshaunanagans #friendshaunanagans #friends #rockofages #nyc #theater #theaterworld #theatrelife #actor #actors #actorlife #actorslife #talentedfriends