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Bye bye Taylor ! But I really like your singing. Who's NEXT ?
The singers are :
1. Selena Gomez
2. Miley Cyrus
3. Shawn Mendes
4. Harry Styles
5. Ariana Grande 6. Katy Perry 7. Zayn Malik

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Today is the last day to vote for my little sis & I for @jazzaspen tickets!!! {LINK IN BIO} The suspense is killing me!! Please vote, we will love you forever!! ✔️👯❤️🏔️💃🏻🤸🏼‍♀️#whenindoubtcartwheelitout #jazzaspensnowmass #moveslikejagger #maroon5 #adamlevine #theroots #therevivalists #themerger #jasaspen #snowmass

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Don't worry this one's real 😂 Just a little Shakirangelic touch ✨
I have a question for you guys, maybe some of you remembers my fake stories about Shakira and her boyfriieennnddd ;))) Would you like me to do it again? It was copied that was why i stopped it. What do you say?
For those who doesn't know or remember them; i make edits of Shakira at some places and create them fake stories/captions like documentaries or diaries.
I loved it doing in shakifanshome and would like to continue here.

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Buen domingo para todas! Con este sol ☀️ ideal para pasear e ir escuchando música 🎶 como @maroon5
Para las que se quedan en sus casas recomendamos la película 🎥 'Begin Again'
«La pasión por la música lleva a Gretta (Keira Knightley) y a Dave (Adam Levine), novios desde el instituto, hasta Nueva York. Pero cuando él, una vez alcanzado el éxito y la fama, la abandona, ella se queda completamente desolada. Una noche, un productor de discos (Mark Ruffalo) recién despedido, la ve actuar en un bar de Manhattan y queda cautivado por su talento. »
Disponible en @netflix
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HARRY ILYSFM 😭 | 2.9k angels 😇 (@harrytaughtmestyles)

😀😆 ok but I'll be crying tears of happiness and I'll just explode with happiness gosh good night btw

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Repost from: Adam Levine......xoxo.....Adam and Behati....credits to owners....credits to #adamlevine @adamlevine #behatiandadamlevine. #behatiprinsloolevine. @behatiprinsloolevine

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Don't you wish you were that teddy bear?