Tessatheirishsetter (@tessa_the_irish_setter)

I believe it’s time I finally post a picture of me and my dad. He is the human who brings me on all my amazing adventures after all. Help me show him some love ❤️❤️!!

Ferris (@ferrisdrueller)

Official snow dog.

Roger the Collie (@adventures_with_roger)

Oh Mum, don't do it, pleeease, not another 📷!!! Happy #waterfallwednesday from this not so happy looking little guy! #camerashydog #sadeyes #adventuresinthewoods

Team Snowquest. (@ukioq.paws)

Canada. She is the mother of all mothers ❤️ To be a part of her world is inexplicably amazing. It is a true honer #fromAltawithlove