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Do you truly know who is driving?

Could you be taking the wrong route?

Let me help you find the answer to this questions and others you might have.

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Going Through The Fire:
Isaiah 9:2, "The people who walk in darkness will see a great light. For those who live in a land of deep darkness, a light will shine."
Denying that there is a fire inside of our hearts does not mean it is not there. Sooner or later it will grow, burning not only us but also troubling others around us. It is best to go through the fire and find a way to cool it down. The word of God is our water of life, the healer of hearts if Jesus Christ. We can deny the fire, the burns, the smoke of the pain in our hearts but it will not stop growing until we choose to do something about it.
God bless you! Jesus loves you!
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I knw its hard, long and stressful when you barley have time for enough sleep bout are you willing to sacrifice rest to do some early bird so you can live like a legend let me knw down below⬇️
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Our energy is being consumed all day. You might not even realize that subconsciously your energy is being spent on things that are holding you back, limiting you, or keeping you stuck. We have all these thoughts and stories that we have kept in our brains and filed away overtime. We have thoughts and emotions which we have pushed back repeatedly in hopes that they'll go away or that we can distract ourselves. Unfortunately, the body will still utilize energy to literally FUEL these things regardless of if you are consciously choosing to see, feel, or think about them THEY ARE STILL THERE. Our energy is precious as it sustains us throughout the day and provides us what we need to keep on going. Maybe that is why sometimes you feel like you seriously can't go on any longer. It's probably because your body is tired; tired of fueling every aspect of you and your mind and your thoughts. Wondering why it feels like you just can't take on anything else? Because you have yet to RELEASE the limiting thoughts that are STEALING from your energy everyday. I challenge you to write down all the things which are using your valuable energy. Could be thoughts, actions, past experiences, emotions you're pushing back, etc; no matter how big or how small! When you do this you not only increase your awareness on where your energy is going but you shine light on things which you have literally kept in the dark for so long that your brain has just been holding it subconsciously for you waiting for you to Revisit. It could be as simple as the button you were going to sew on that sweater that broke 5 years ago or as big as the self loathing relationship you have with yourself/your body. See where your energy IS being utilized, decide where you don't want to spend it anymore and choose to HEAL, RELEASE, and SHIFT so that you can use your energy for GROWTH! If you send me a photo of your journaling on this then I will send you an exclusive guided meditation recording from me for stepping into your next Best version of yourself, that next level identity, and releasing anything holding you back from doing so. ❤️🙌🏻✨

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@snddesigninc here sharing 5 things I want to focus on for my twenty eighth year! Share your recommendations and set some intentions for yourself this season! Link in profile! 🍂✨

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It's all about balance and taking small steps in the right direction. Learning to live with the good and the bad, the thunder and the sun 🌻

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Promote yourself until it pays off. They'll either get mad and delete you or get inspired and support you.
Self marketing is a MUST and should be part of your strategic plan at the office, running your business, and even at family functions. If people are not aware of all the amazing things your are doing how are they supposed to support you or more importantly refer business to you?
Becoming an expert in self promotion is worth the investment. Make this a priority.
Never be ashamed to highlight the value you bring and milestones accomplished. We are put on this earth to learn and grow from each other. Do your part. #VGems #ModernProfessional 📸 @_angelmedia