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#currentsituation : 2 weeks post @sanmarinopro
In FULL “recovery” mode: everything is less regimented/ I’m playing around with my meals a bit/ trying new stuff/ returning to old favourites :-) Even made room for a #cheekynandos now & again 🙊. (Still @ it though - that other thing🙈) - 4-5 times a week🏋🏼‍♀. #lift Just enjoying the variations I can throw in for now/ hitting favourite body parts/ letting the battered bits regenerate...
No one is stage-ready all year round: don’t believe the hype (it’s just not sustainable; OR healthy). You just have to get to know your body & make the adjustments that work for “YOU”. You can achieve your goals/ look the way you want & still live a normal life (have a drink/ eat out etc). Just don’t over do it. #balance 😘
For me, This is not is just what it is...
#Whatoffseason 😜
#neverreallyoff 🙊💪
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This is the best I have ever felt on stage. I was so confident and it showed in every aspect of my posing routine! I didn’t take any hardware home but it didn’t even matter because this felt amazing! Having my family and my fit family there to cheer me on made it all worth it! My coach has been amazing and has really pushed me emotionally and physically to be my best. my fit family is so inspiring and really keep me in good spirits!! @mtmgorillas. This is only the beginning of a new version of myself and next time will be even better!!!

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pieces of happenings.