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3 months today we rescued Ginger from Zambia! Because we believe all dogs deserve a safe and happy life! 🐾💛

kristi blue (

He doesn't like to be outside, they said.
He doesn't like other dogs, they said.

Debunking myths about my foster dog one loving, patient day at a time. This photo was taken outside (obv). In a dog park. After he played with another dog.
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Bon Chance (@bonchance_africa2us)

Remembering the good old days on the beaches of Congo. #happydog #africandog #discoverypark #seattle

leslie🕸️karin (@catxbone)

African Painted Dog 💀🖤🕸️ This one is spoken for, but I'll have lots of available drawings ready to be tattooed when my books re-open in October! 🕸️

Cuban 💙 x10 (@brazyandcuban)

#africandog bitch wtf please tell me why just why why why ? 🤢

Deanna (@dee_v11)

Siri and her bro Bilal got to go for a big run today! Only a few months after he had a leg amputated and Siri can barely keep up! So good to see him running and happy!
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