J A I D E N | T H O M A S (@jaidenbthomas)

Merry Christmas from my spiky ball of cuteness! 🎄

Eveliina Toivonen (@spiky_avocado)

I think he likes my new pillows... Or maybe they just taste good, I don't know.

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Bruce (@brucethehedgehogx)

I like napping in socks 💤


Bailey playing with a new friend! #catvshedgehog

Crazy Hedgehogs Lady (@crazy.hedgehogs.lady)

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Heather Cunningham (@heatherhedder)

Life is finally more normal again for Norms. Hedgehogs can def suffer with depression. She chirped for the first time in months today as I cuddled her. Made me so relieved she's on track. She then had a nice bath and celebrated with a big bowl of worms. #aph #africanpygmyhedgehog #hedgehogsofinstagram