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The time has come and we need to stand up as global citizens to protect and preserve what’s left of the Great Outdoors before it’s too late!
Nature is powerful, yet fragile. Removing protection from public lands destroys old ecosystems, wildlife, and the native people who live there. Once the damage is done, it’s very likely irreversible. It doesn’t matter where you live; these issues eventually impact all of us.
Right now, we’re facing a threat to strip away these precious landscapes and natural resources in Utah. A staggering 85% of Bears Ears National Monument (1.1 MILLION ACRES) and 45% of Grand Staircase (800,000 ACRES) is up for grabs for exploitation. The words of the current administration: β€œWe will usher in a bright future of wonder and wealth.”
This land (and the fragile life that depends on it) will be subject to mining operations, drilling, and the exploitation of other natural resources. We are nothing without nature, and we are not separate from it! If we let this happen without a fight, it opens the door to mass annihilation of these landscapes across the world.
But… we are not helpless! With your help, we can collectively pressure the current administration to stop the diminishment of national monuments now before it’s too late. Here is what we can do as a group:
1. Repost this message with your own photo that shows your love for the outdoors.
2. The link in my profile has easy steps to follow and make a difference without even leaving your home!
3. Share this link in your profile too.
4. Share this message with everyone on any platform and encourage them to repeat these steps.
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Bret Koeneker (@strattaphoto)

Little man Kato chillin' out next to the @Camelbak Cloud Walker 18 during one of our stops on our hike up Blue Lake Trail. It was perfect for carrying the little guy when he got too tired to walk! πŸ˜‚ 🐾 Model: @coloradohuskies

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For those about to call RSPCA on me for the last video, Lottie actually loves eating snowballs... Makes me laugh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (Not my dog, imma get one someday though, imma call it Bruce and it’ll be huge)