Adeyomoye Oluseyi (@oluseyifotografi)

As I took this shot during the making of #alibabajanuary1stconcert I wondered what @alibabagcfr told his lovely wife but all the same they are happy couple. Happy Wedding anniversary Mr. & Mrs Akpobome #oluseyifotografi

STYLO COMEDIAN (@stylocomedian)

Throwback to the stage #alibabajanuary1stconcert which God help me kickstart 2017.

Boss @alibabagcfr Migwo sir, not also forgetting @thatfunnyprince Higher you everyday bros.

#tbt #Comedycentral #comediansofthefederalrepublicofnigeria #suit #blacktie #handsome #dapper #Godsgrace

Stand Up Nigeria (@standup9ja)

Our #WCW is @officialwaje 😍. Here's a photo of her performing at the 2017 #AlibabaJanuary1stConcert produced by @officialbunmidavies !

Olukotun Gideon Olushola (@olukotung)

My Top Instagram Influence
If I would follow a ranking order, he would be my number 1. Beyond doubt, I have learned more lessons on Instagram from this great man, Alibaba, than from any other personality I follow on the platform. He's been such a very good influence on almost all ofblife's issues... Career development, marriage, character development, education, business... Just name it. He is embedded with overdose of potentials from up divine. If I am not following him, I don't know who else I would have rather followed here. God bless the day I made the decision to follow. God bless you more sir, and bless the day you decided to join this platform and share in your blessings. I believe one day soon, God would allow me meet you, and take a picture in front of the famous wall πŸ˜€). Thank you for everything sir. God bless.
(Just in case you don't know; that was him and mummy Mary, his wife at the #alibabajanuary1stconcert of 2017)

grand komanda (@grandkomanda)

The Emotional Trauma I went through whilst trying to take a Picture with @alibabagcfr couldn't have been captured any better.
Thanks To @thetundealuko for capturing this and thanks to @schullzz66 she can bear witness that my spirit left me A million times.

#alibabajanuary1stconcert #alibabajanuary1st #firstfruitproject
#firstfruitproject #grace #peace

Agwu Obinna (@d_angrymob)

Lindsey Abudei performing "Freedom & I" live. The pianist got us missing the genius hands of @atta_lenell_otigba so badly. Thank God he didn't totally screw up the performance. He was close though πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚
#alibabajanuary1stconcert #AndTheBassIsQueen #LindseyAbudei #MOB

Agwu Obinna (@d_angrymob)

Lindsey Abudei... Thank you!! I know you think she's absolutely amazing. Well, ME TOO!!!!!! #AndTheBassIsQueen #aliciakeys #LiveCover #alibabajanuary1stconcert

Kate Henshaw Team (@katehenshawteam)

Good morning dears! #Repost @ynaija
Beautiful people, beautiful moments #AlibabaJan1stConcert #AlibabaJanuary1stConcert #divas #actors #thebest

Ese Ire (@ee_gift)

When you are tall and people want to drag you down πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. That's how this bad belle person @obie3ice made me short in this picture. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ tbt #alibabajanuary1stconcert. Couldn't take my eyes off the backdrop. Amazing workπŸ‘πŸ‘

king of skits (@mc_psamafez)

Still on d matter @alibabagcfr January 1st concert 2017. Me and my guys dem #alibabajanuary1stconcert #january1stconcert