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What a game this was. The battle of Bramall Lane. Two great sides going toe to toe. I equalised and then missed a penalty right at the end. I even banned the mighty Reading Chronicle from interviews with me for the rest of the season after they claimed I had thrown the league away... Only ended up winning it by 14 points. 🙄 I had a mixed game, in the second half I didn't hear the call to step up from a free kick and played about 6 Sheffield United players onside only for @hahnemann1 to make an incredible point blank save before bollocking me! But I was also really pleased with this goal because I'd been watching how Van Nistelrooy pinned centre half's in the box and score so many goals. Kevin Dillon, the first team @readingfc coach, had been encouraging me to watch RVN's game. It's always a shock at first that you've actually replicated something exactly as you want to and it's always followed by a massive confidence boost after the match that you take in to the following games. Hats off to @patrickkenny78 too who made a great penalty save and had clearly done his homework on my penalty taking. Despite the fierce rivalry I can remember @_chrismorgs_ and I shaking hands at the end respectfully knowing that both of us had been in a proper game. One of my favourite games to look back on. @sufc_official 1 @readingfc 1 #sheffield #sheffieldunited #sheffieldunitedfc #sufc #allblades #blades #reading #readingfc #rfc #royals #106 #champions

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Come check out our new showroom, just look for our new blue awning!
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As the fighting escalates, Akila reveals her true nature... shocking no only Artemis but also the other Amazons! Bizarro arrives just in time ...and in style... to help them in battle. Loved the fact that they brought back Jason's All-Blades for this issue! XD Anyway, to Artemis' sorrow, she uses the Bow of Ra to end Akila and saves both nations from future battles. Just as Jason and Artemis are about to have a moment, more tragedy hits them... Bizarro is dead!?! Why? How could this happen to such a sweet creature?! T-T (Red Hood and the Outlaws Issue 11) #dccomics #redhood #redhoodandtheoutlaws #artemis #bizarro #thedarktrinity #bowofra #akila #amazons #allblades #jasontodd



The guy with the healing factor talking about having a fair fight, that's rich. Enough playtime, I need your help with a job

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Goal for Sheffield United. Turning one of @tonymcmahon29 crosses that were usually behind me in to a good one! #sheffieldunited #allblades #sufc

Dave Kitson - (@theboykitson)

"I thought Tony McMahon was horrific today, a disgrace to football infact. Lucky for him that I've made a career off making bad crosses look good." @tonymcmahon29 #allblades 🔴⚪️