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Fashion show attendee makeup 💄💄💄 Before && after 💋 #styledbyabbi

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Time for Friday fun facts!! With Mother's Day right around the corner I had to share a picture of me with my beautiful mom! Here's a little bit about me: •
👉🏼I'm reading Give Them Grace by @elyse_fitz and @thejesslou. To be honest: I'm "trying" to read because reading with four little ones...there is grace for that too. Need a good #parenting book? This is a great pick!

👉🏼I'm creating tree blocks for the kids. I've been collecting thick branches and I'm cutting them to different sizes. They're looking so fabulous! I can't wait for the kids to explore them! Stay tuned for a future post!

👉🏼I'm thinking about my youngest son's transition from a crib to a big boy bed! Confession: With him being the 3rd child to transition, I should have more confidence in it, but I'm nervous about giving this one his freedom. See two posts back as we prepare the room for this transition. 😣

👉🏼What about you? What are you reading? What are you creating? What are you thinking about? •

My wonderful friend Jolie @jollieklassen shared on the blog yesterday all about her DIY backyard vehicle site. She also does a once a month connection time with her readers! Go check out 👇🏼 for more fun questions like this! •

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We are gearing up for Summer Camp 2017 beginning on June 5th. If you have not already turned in your registration form and fee please do so as soon as possible. Spaces are limited and will fill up quickly! If you would like your child to receive a free summer camp t-shirt, you must sign up by May 19th. If you are needing another registration form, you may contact the school office.

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FSCS Patriots (@fscspatriots)

Summer Athletic Camps - Registration for Patriot Athletic Camps is now underway. Athletes must register by Friday, May 19 to receive a camp t-shirt. Participation is strongly encouraged for all students planning to participate in a sport next school year.

Athletic Banquet - The Middle School and High School Athletic Banquet will take place on Tuesday, May 16. Dinner will be catered by Sherry's Restaurant and will be served at 5:30pm. All student-athletes and their immediate families are invited.
Gym Sign Sponsorship - We are looking for donors interested in helping to further our Athletic Program. Gym signs will remain in the high school gym for one year and may be purchased for $250. Renewal is only $200.

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Blessed to have someone who leads you in seeking the Kingdom first.

Chad Moore (@cm13149)

Tomorrow is the big day. The GO Day is here!! We will go out as a church and live out The Great Commission. We moved the start time to 9:30 so we don't have to rush and will give us plenty of time to make it to Melvin's Funeral. There will be something for everyone to do Mission Friends and Children in Action have something planned as well. We have 24 homes to visit and we plan to saturate A neighborhood with the Gospel. Be praying for the people we will make contact with, be praying for us a we prepare to go, and pray that our efforts will be fruitful. See you tomorrow!! #Jesus #AllForHim #2ndbaptist #somthingforeveryone #everyoneneedsasecondhome #goday #greatcommision

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Hi Everyone, Sad news, since yesterday's publication of the Catholic Sun, John Lillis and Lifeboat Coffee Co. whose charitable donations of life affirming charities, (which include 150 different charities from Maggie's Place to Disabled American Veterans to Aid to Women's Ctr) is under attack. Please pray for the protection of his business and the rights of all people and businesses to have different beliefs especially in accordance with our faith. People are leaving negative and vicious reviews on the Lifeboat Coffee FB and Google business pages bringing down his business standings.
Prudent debate, respectable discourse of issues is the American way, the sign of a healthy democracy and an intelligent people. Brutal bullying, name calling, and lying are signs of a civilization's decline. Please pray for all involved. Please support Lifeboat Coffee Co. with your patronage and positive reviews. Thank you and God bless! #allforhim #holystruggle #lifeboatcoffee #prayersforall

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Sitting in my car reflecting, thinking, and thanking.... Whatever it is that you think has written you off will be the very thing God brings you from and He will use it for His glory..... He makes all things new
He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!" Then he said, "Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true."
Thankful that He doesn't let anything go to waste the good the bad and the ugly.... I just wanted to share this song of praise that was on my heart. #AllForHim #NotASinger #MakingAJoyfulNoise #Thankful #LessOfMeMoreOfHimPlease #ImNotPerfect #IfiWasIwouldntNeedHim

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Grace Youth Drama Company! Bringing the gospel through the arts. #dramaforjesus #allforhim #useyourgiftstoserve