Cecelia Smith (@pacific.youngliving)

This is what I drink when I'm at work.... when I get home sometimes I add a shot of gin 😎

Nicole (@foodfoundforyou)

Today's cold it called for a quick soup and this is a goodie. It's low Cal, GMO FREE, gf, no preserv, 100 percent nat, dairy free. Whilst I wait for school to come out it's perfect pick me up listening to Tommylittle&Carriebickmore great hour of Radio. Sorry Raph Ep#Foodfoundfoundforyou#Pho#Hart&Soul#AllNatural#no preservatives#dairyfree#Glutenfree#LowCalorie#GMOFree#vietnamesesoup#Tommylittle#carriebickmore#Waitingforschooltocomeout#warmmeup, lovethehumour

Becca Forrest (@makinglifebeautifuloils)

Formulated with the power of Young Living’s Thieves oil blend, you can get a deep clean without dangerous or synthetic ingredients. Thieves cleaner also includes the scent of Lemon essential oil for an even more uplifting aroma.
This all-purpose cleaner can be used on any surface in your home for dusting, spot cleaning, scrubbing, or any other cleaning need. Wherever you use it, you’ll feel good knowing it’s safe to use around everyone in your family, including pets.

Erin Barnes (@undefinedrawra)

Chop-uh-chop! My master plan is working! My hair is growing lots and now it's finally the length I wanted to get started! So, I've chopped the lower 1.5 inches to make it all one length to grow out ...all one length! The sides remain shaved but I have SO much hair that when it's down you'd never know :). Yay! Now I can leave it and let it do what it must!! 😍 Yay! Ever since I've switched to #sheamoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Grow hair care it's been SO healthy!! .
#allnatural #noyuck #thankyousheamoisture #feelingfabulous #freshcut #shortbob #growingitout #finallythere #noaddedthings #vegan #veganoptions #noanimaltesting #barneshouse #happyhome #happymama #happypreggers

Shari Pue (@sunshineandlavender)

I used all kinds of oils today, and guess what I didn't use? I didn't use anything I wasn't 100% confident was safe for my family, I didn't use anything from a drug store or department store. They don't get my money anymore. Starting a journey to a healthier toxin free home really isn't as hard as it sounds. I know, it sounds totally overwhelming, that's why I put it off for so long. I wish someone had told me how simple it was and I wish someone had said 'I'll help you". So now here I am, telling you it's simple to start, like one ingredient simple. I am telling you I'll help you figure it all out. It'll save you time, money and your health. It'll be worth it.

Rusty's Famous Cheesecake (@rustysfamous)

It's toasty in here😎 | Toasted Coconut Caramel NY Cheesecake w/Twice-Baked Macaroon Crust.

Emily Lewis (@theoilspace)

Never had cheaper and more nutrient full, chemical free, natural moisturizer and toner in my life. Win win win win.